<Review by: Swati Sharan>


Directed by: Brinda Muralidhar

While the U.S.has seen a quite a few movies about NRIs over the last couple of decades, for Canada, it is perhaps still a new concept. Knot Not steps in to embolden that niche.

Locally shot in the GTA, Knot Not! is a hilarious take on the social issue of bullying and how to overcome it. Mohan (Dilip Krishnamurthy) has come from India to do his MBA in Canada. After two years, he starts having feelings for his colleague Patricia (Jessica Seigner). The twist though is that his parents (played by Bala Ramanathan and Brinda Muralidhar) have decided to come to Canada to arrange Mohan’s marriage. Eventually, they zone in on Laxmi (Suniti Santosh), who is their friend’s daughter.


At some stage, Mohan wonders whether he should follow his overbearing father’s choice or follow his heart. All his life, he’s been told by his mother to not react to bullying personalities especially because his father is a big one. Which way should he turn? Does he have the courage to confront his father? Or is he in love with Laxmi?

Knot Not! seeks to address the issue of bullying not just as it exists within the context of parental pressure, as in the abused becoming the abuser, but also in the context of its effects on a marriage. At what point can gath bandhan become gath bandish? By using humour to focus on a serious issue, Muralidhar has done a brilliant job with the story-telling and direction.




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