The Adjustment Bureau, Matt Damon


Directed by George Nolfi. Starring Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Anthony Mackie.

The film starts off like any good drama and then takes a surprising turn into the supernatural, which put me off a bit initially. But inspite of a somewhat ridiculous premise, the film’s romance, electrifying background score and great chemistry between the lead pair make it tremendously endearing.

In Bruce Almighty, Jim Carrey’s titular character imbibed with God-like powers can do almost anything, except affect free will (falling in love etc.). Based on a short story (Adjustment Team) by Philip K Dick, The Adjustment Bureau ponders a world where God’s agents (men in suits and fedora hats) see that everything goes according to the grand plan of the ‘Chairman’ (no, not Frank Sinatra). The good people of Earth have free will but only in their choices of what to order for lunch. ‘Can I have fries with that?’ Maybe…

The talented Mr Matt Damon is David Norris, a young, career-minded politician who suffers defeat in his first attempt for the Senatorial race, but yes, that is planned too. And so is his first meeting with Elise (Blunt) in the men’s toilet, which convinces David to go with his heart rather than the plans of his campaign team. But the two starry-eyed lovers aren’t meant to be together. Well, not according to the grand plan at least and the agents must at all costs — in this film usually while fumbling and stumbling, which you don’t expect from God’s agents — prevent the two from coming together. Even if that means revealing themselves to David and telling him all his and Elise’s dreams would crumble if he went where his heart was leading him to.

Okay, so you need to suspend some disbelief in this film. Actually a lot. God’s agents flying through doors that get them quickly from one location in the city to another. Books (what no iPad?) with strange schematic maps of how destiny is supposed to play out. The agents aren’t able to see through rain! Hmmm… so the film could easily have sunk into bizarre and unfathomable. Chemistry is what saves the day. You see, David and Elise so look like they were meant to be together, you so want them to coalesce into one immortal soul, that you’re rooting for them. Damon and Blunt have sparks from the first moment they meet and the fact that they kiss almost immediately doesn’t surprise you. Her bubbly personality and spontaneity balance his forced-seriousness and logical mind perfectly so that both rub off on each other creating the perfect spark.

Nolfi’s direction, Thomas Newman’s superb background score and a very taut romance keep you riveted even though you know what the outcome will be. Sure, the finale is a bit weak and you sort of knew there would be a bit of twist in the whole grand plan thing, but if you’re in love or were ever in love or long for the feeling of being in love, then you’re going to fall in love with this film.

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