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Welcome to Minority Review! The site for reviews with a difference. We started off with films and now we have fashion, music, interviews, trailer reviews, contests and much more. In everything we do though, we won’t be following a mass point of view. Because reviews are subjective, this is my take. And it’s upto you to take it or leave it. Because we’re all entitled to an opinion. Even the minority.


Sailesh Ghelani

I’ve worked at a magazine called Filmfare for about five years. It’s India’s premier entertainment magazine. Atleast that’s what it says on the cover! I reviewed Hollywood films and world cinema and the exposure was great. Saw tons of films from all over the world. Even interviewed the cast of Spider-Man 3 in LA! In the process of reviewing and reading up about what other ‘critics’ had to say about the film I often realised that my viewpoint didn’t always match the mass opinion. While many wanted to throw tomatoes at a movie, I’d be singing its praises. But hey, minorities matter too.

I think, nay believe, that a person should go watch a film if they really want to or are interested in the subject matter or are fans of the actors or director. It shouldn’t be just on the basis of what a critic or reviewer has to say about the film. And so, as a reviewer, my job isn’t to convince you not to watch a movie if it’s bad. Just to tell why it’s bad. I also don’t believe in telling you the whole plot of the film. That you can read anywhere ar leave it as a surprise. My aim is to give you some background, some nifty titbits of info, some cool moments to look out for and a quick summation of the salient points of the film. With fashion, we comment on what the celebs are wearing but we also have unique write-ups that give our writers a chance to be creative, talk trends and what they love so that you get more interesting and hopefully helpful tips and revelations about all things fashion!

I hope you enjoy what’s on here and will stick with me and give me your feedback, good, bad or downright ugly. I’m the minority and that means I try harder!

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Sailesh ‘Sal’ Ghelani