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It’s a funny thing I noticed about that brooding, dashingly handsome actor who is really coming into his own in movie after movie. Ryan Gosling is still thought of as the pretty boy who can do a decent job of acting even when he has very little dialogue (like in the film Drive). Those oh-so-deep-intense-eyes are enough to do the job. And of course his proficiency for dangling a cigarette (or a toothpick) between his lips. Have you noticed that? I certainly have.

And when he’s not seen on screen and off it precariously dangling a fag between his lips – and very often even mouthing dialogue at the same time – it’s something else stuck there in his mouth. A lot of women (and gay/bi men) would love to have him wrap those lips around their smoking parts (umm… lips… on the mouth).

Some research brought up the fact that Ryan Gosling is in fact a smoker and has been for quite some time now. Apparently it’s because of this reason that he didn’t figure on a ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ cover for one of the popular celeb mags. A bit prejudiced and hypocritical if you ask me.

Needless to say, here in India, that ‘Smoking Is Injurious To Health. Tobacco Causes Cancer’ statutory warning pops up a lot in Ryan Gosling’s films!

Check out this interview with the stud actor who’s intelligent to boot where he’s seen talking and puffing away: 


Here are some still from films in which Ryan Gosling is inculcating his smoking habit. I wonder whether the directors and filmmakers are utilising this trait of his for some particular reason or whether it’s just something that Ryan needs to have as a prop in order to sink deep into his character and add to the brooding old-movie-type character he sometimes portrays.

In the film The Slaughter Rule he uses a toothpick:


In the film Murder By Numbers he’s with his favourite co-star:


In the Ewan McGregor-Naomi Watts starrer Stay:


As the inner-city school teacher with a drug habit in Half Nelson he’s got a whole host of substitutes for his favourite partner:


Ryan Gosling in the critically acclaimed Blue Valentine puffs away for the pictures again:


In Drive Gosling was back to the toothpick:


In the movie The Place Beyond The Pines with Bradley Cooper, Ryan’s lips are back in action and not only with the sultry Eva Mendes:


Back in the good ol’ days the gangsters and the good guys all wore hats and smoked up like chimneys and that was totally cool. So that was perfect for Ryan in Gangster Squad:

On set of Gangster Squad

A promotional still of Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad

Emma Stone, his co-actor in G Squad gave him company


Candid/professional photo shots of Ryan Gosling who likes to smoke and he gives a damn what you think about it:


And for those of you who may say he looks less sexy or it’ll affect his health/performance/looks:

Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love

Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love

The girls certainly don’t mind kissing him one bit and that’s the time he gladly puts down his ciggie!

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