Hello all,

I have contemplated a lot whether I should be writing about fashion (and things related) since nothing qualifies me as an expert. I have always been of the opinion that you should really know what you are talking about and here I am doing exactly the opposite. One thing I can say in all honesty is that I LOVE fashion. Yes, I LOVE it, with big capital letters so you can imagine me gushing about it.

I suffer from a disease which seems to be spreading quickly, it is called “Overabundance of Desire to Express Oneself” or ODEON. Fashion is truly a form of expression for me – it sounds hilariously cliché but it is the truth. My day job (if I could ever call it that; and by that I don’t mean I am working nights) allows me to express myself as well, but that is where the ‘overabundance’ comes in.

So, I have decided to give it a go. Since I remember myself I was fascinated by black velvet and lace dresses my mother had, since these dresses were the ones that put a stamp on my developing fashion sense. And you know, whatever you are fed by the age of seven is what food you like to eat for the rest of your life… The dresses reside in my mother’s wardrobe, almost 5630 kilometres away in Europe. That reminds me, next time I go home I have to steal one

My beloved sisters succumbed into my begging and nagging and took some pictures of my most favourite of all the dresses (the one I am going to steal). The dress was made by a local (high-end nonetheless) boutique but most probably is a copycat of a dress seen during that time’s fashion weeks (around the mid 80’s).

I used to wear these dresses with my mum’s black heels, her bowler hat (black too with a small fake diamond in its surrounding ribbon) and satin gloves. I wanted to be Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich, Ava Gardner, all of them divas. I remember I had purchased, when I was 14 I think, a satin black shirt with a print of tiny colourful flowers which was cut quite manly from SISLEY and I wore it with a black velvet mini skirt. That black widow spider/ goddess attitude is still very much an influence on my wardrobe but thank god I gave space for a lot of other things that came along.

So, from next time I will elaborate on those and many more.


Miss K

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