<Review by: Sailesh Ghelani>


Directed by Jon Shenk, Bonni Cohen. With Al Gore

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes


Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth is followed up with a Sequel that shows us the Earth isn’t even close to being out of danger and that everyone has a role in saving it.

Climate change is far from being fake news. It’s a fact and anyone who attempts to refute the scientific and obvious exhibits of it is either more interested in economic benefit or the least bit interested in saving the only home we know. This isn’t a partisan issue. Everyone must be concerned about it.


In An Inconvenient Sequel, former US Vice-President Al Gore continues his quest to bring change in the world. He talks about his struggles in politics as well, and at points you can’t help but feel bad for the man who seems genuine and level headed. There’s no drama here. It may seem like a biography of sorts rather than a documentary primarily on climate change. But what makes it interesting is seeing the unglamorous world where Gore talks to world leaders trying to broker deals that will benefit everyone.

For India, this documentary is especially relevant. There’s a big chunk in there about Gore’s dealings with India’s ministries of environment and power as he tries to convince the country not to build 400 new coal-based power plants. The Paris Climate Agreement 2016 and the terrorist attacks there also feature in the film. Breath-taking shots of glaciers and floods are interspersed with rousing speeches Al Gore makes to his ‘climate ambassadors’. One man can make a difference but it’s so much better when that one man can train more people to make the difference that will speed up the change needed. As he says, we’re a long way away from Martian colonies and bases on the Moon. Earth is our only home right now. We can’t go around killing the animals and defiling the air and think that we’ll get away unscathed by Mother Nature’s wrath.


Of course Donald Trump features in the film. But he gets enough publicity so I won’t talk about that part anymore and you’re smart enough to know who the villains are.

It’s the little people, the small town Mayor’s, the Governor’s, the men and women who are truly concerned about the future and believe that alternative means are not only the answer to climate change but are also the better way for healthy living.


An Inconvenient Sequel is a no-frills documentary about a man on a mission to do what he can to make a difference and make his life meaningful. We should all imbibe a little bit of that spirit.


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