<Review by: Amit Divekar, a fashion designer and uber stylish guy with an eye for what’s right and what’s fright!>

Arjun Rampal

Arjun’s head to toe look is just like his voice: dull, drab and monotone. He is just short of looking like a cave man with all those faded clothes! Distressed leather jacket, which is a boring tan colour with matching cowboy boots (yawn!). Faded loose light blue jeans and an ordinary brown belt (Zzz…). I think the best feature of his ensemble, believe it or not is his white V neck tee! Sad but true. Of course on the flip side, with Arjun’s height, sculpted body and chiseled features, he could wear a sack and still look great. I like the floppy 80s style “step cut” hair, very cool and trendy. But this look depresses me as it is completely devoid of any glamour or vibrancy. I’ll shut my eyes now and say ‘Missed it!’

Neha Dhupia

Alright… the biggest lesson in fashion is to dress according to ones body type. A lesson Neha needs to learn. The point is always to accentuate your pluses and hide your flaws, to create an illusion of a perfectly proportionate body. If you are bottom heavy (or pear shaped) like Neha, you shouldn’t be wearing fitted, thigh hugging pants with side pockets! Obviously it’s going to make your already broad hips look broader. The school uniform dark blue colour of those pants is terrible. And what’s making a bad situation worse are the mysteriously (Coz you can’t tell where they’re suddenly emerging from) hanging tassels of her tie up belt, that are falling right on her hips attracting all attention to her flaws… her big hips and thighs! I like the subtle polka dotted top (Zara I am guessing). Very trendy and nice pooffie hairdo and subtle makeup. But the tan, some reptile skin, peep-toes are horrifically mismatched and stand out like a sore thumb in the entire ensemble. All in all, all wrong! Miss Neha, you’ve utterly Missed it. 

Arjun and Neha

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