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Cake is about a woman (Jennifer Aniston) who is a chronic pain sufferer and has developed an addiction to pain medication. One of the members of her chronic pain support group commits suicide and she gets intrigued to learn more about why. The film traces this journey to find out more while also depicting the struggles of painkiller addictions.

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The guys in the film went to Tijuana to get the medicine. So I am wondering how you came up with this idea of them going there and then also sneaking the pills into the statue?

Sam Worthington: (Laughing) Are you a DIA agent?

Patrick Tobin (Screenwriter): (smiling) Is this being recorded or am I going to incriminate myself? (Serious) Well, if you live in Southern California for any length of time, you understand that people go there for many things. You can go there and get medication without a prescription. You can go there to get dental work done very cheaply. My husband and I have many friends who go and get a root canal or a cap ‘cuz it’s cheaper. And so, sort of this idea of Southern California is just going and doing these sorts of illegal things without any repercussion. I think the line, which is great in the movie, is where the pharmacist says, “You’re a rich white woman. Do you ever get in trouble?”


Jennifer, you did such a great job enacting this character. Did you attend any real life support groups just to get an idea for the character?

Jennifer Aniston: Well, as I said earlier, I did not attend support groups but I did speak to people who had gone through and do experience chronic pain and have gone through addiction and loss. And I’m sorry, what was the first part of your question?

What is your personal view about your character?

Jennifer: I love her. I really do. I just thought she was a beautiful, tortured layered character and I felt such extreme empathy for her and what she was struggling through and the journey that she takes and forges through. And actually beautifully decides to stand up again or sit up again.


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