<Review by: Shourya C>

The thoroughly free of flaw Cheryl Cole just reminded us why she’s possibly the closest thing to perfection. The fact that she looks irresponsibly gorgeous aside, Mizz Cole just performed her Calvin Harris-produced latest single ‘Call My Name’, the first from her upcoming 3rd studio album ‘A Million Lights’ on The Voice UK, replete with a massive swan-dive right into the arms of her loyal posse of extra-beefy back-up dancers. That – right there- was enough. Literally nothing else mattered. When was the last time your faves executed a swan-dive so perfectly? That’s right. Never.

The rest of the performance consisted mainly of steps from the choreography in the video, and Cheryl definitely werqued the stage! She has stage presence alright, and this just might be her big break in the US. Considering that she’s already released two amazing albums, both of which debuted atop the UK Top 40 Albums Chart, it’s high time the US, forever delayed, jumps on the Cheryl bandwagon. Can’t wait for ‘A Million Lights’! Check out Cheryl performing ‘Call My Name’ right here:

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