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I thought this film would be just like the half a dozen other sci-fi/alien films that were out but was hugely surprised by the smarts and wit that Edge of Tomorrow portrays. Tom Cruise doesn’t play Tom Cruise for a change (at least in the first half of the film). And the DVD has some very interesting features about how the live action was meticulously shot around green screen and CGI effects.

Here’s my review of the film:

Edge of Tomorrow – Smart, funny, predictable but that’s kinda the point




1)   Weapons of the Future

Here the makers of Edge of Tomorrow talk about the process of building the exo-suits worn by the cast. They were all built from scratch with two versions made. Tom Cruise wore the heavy suit for six hours every day to get used to the physicality of it and he encouraged his co-stars to have competitions to see who could put on the suit the fastest. There’s also a bit about all the stunts and high wire action shots.

2)   Creatures Not of this World

“It’s always difficult to try and do something unique and different with aliens,” says one of the crew. And this is very true. Though Edge of Tomorrow doesn’t have radically different aliens, some of the nuances of their features are interesting and this bonus shows you the thinking behind the creation of the MIMIC aliens and how much work goes into the process. Actor Emily Blunt called the production “organised chaos” and when you see the bonus features you’ll understand what an art it is.


The DVD has 5.1 audio in Hindi if you need it.


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