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Inside Out starts off clichéd and simple minded enough but then takes a nice twist into a world that celebrates sadness and makes a place for it in our lives. The DVD comes with some collector’s cards that are a welcome bonus.

Here’s our review of the film:

Inside Out – Starts off cutesy and cliché but thankfully takes a ‘sad’ turn!

Collector’s cards


1) Lava

The customary short film before a Disney animated movie by Pixar Studios. This one is about a lonely volcano presumably in Hawaii somewhere singing to ‘send me someone to lava’! It’s perfect for all of us lonely souls who are a bit tired of friends turning into couples with little time for us.

The short doesn’t have the best animation we’ve seen though and I found it a bit simplistic and flat.

2) Riley’s First Date

This one is a short that sort of continues from the film with a boy showing up at Riley’s door. Her parents take different approaches to dealing with their daughter going out this new boy and their ‘inner voices’ make them react in funny and somewhat cliched ways. But it’s pretty funny by the end of it.

3) Sneak Peeks

This section has a mix of Disney Paris attractions (Ratatouille) with some trailers for Disney Infinity (video games), The Good Dinosaur and Tomorrowland.

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