<Review by: Sailesh Ghelani>

A visually spectacular and adrenalin-filled roller coaster ride of a movie that has been dubbed ‘the best action film of the year’, Mad Max: Fury Road was a crazy ride and on the DVD you’ll get to see some deleted scenes that would have made it even crazier.

Here’s our review of the film:

Mad Max: Fury Road – The ultimate chase movie



Deleted Scenes

1)   I Am A Milker

In this scene a woman offers up her baby who is then rejected so she tears away her blouse revealing her breast and screams that she is a ‘milker’ and is quickly accepted by the savage underlings of Immortan Joe. This one was probably a bit too adult to show.

2)   Turn Every Grain Of Sand!

Another very mad and incomprehensible scene where Immortan Joe eventually exhorts his minions to find Max and Furiosa.

3)   Let’s Do It

A tiny scene with very little dialogue other than ‘Let’s Do It’.


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