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Now this is what  a real super hero movie is. Him and John Wick were the real super men of 2014 in my opinion. The DVD has a mix of serious and humorous features on it.

Here’s my review of the film:

The Equalizer – If him and John Wick team up we won’t need The Avengers! 


1) Children of the Night

In this somewhat serious feature the cast and crew talk about how the talented Chloe Grace Moretz got into her role as a prostitute being abused. She researched the sex industry and even put on some weight for the role, immersing herself in the dark world of the night.

Her character is crucial since her victimisation is what thrusts Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) into his mission to avenge her brutal beating. At the end of the feature there’s a message from Chloe Grace Moretz to real life night walkers who can call a helpline number and extricate themselves from the nightmare that so many face.

2) Home Mart: Taking care of business one bolt at a time

So in the film, Robert McCall works at a hardware warehouse shop called Home Mart. This tongue in cheek feature is fashioned like an advertisement and shows how Robert McCall uses items from the shop to put out ‘fires’ and ensures you’ll never look at hardware the same way again!

3) Previews

The movies No Good Deed, Predestination (an interesting sci-fi film you should watch) and When The Game Stands Tall have trailers featured on the DVD.

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