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I’ve already reviewed this fun film but I have to say that after repeated viewing you just appreciate it much more. It’s not just about the tongue in cheek humour – which is beyond slapstick or cutesy – it’s the nuances and layers that are far more adult than the LEGO pieces and their perceived audience.

I was waiting for quite a while to pick up The LEGO Movie on DVD. And then the good people at Sony DADC sent over a copy for me to review. Here’s the link to my thoughts on the movie when it came out in theatres:

The LEGO Movie review

Now no DVD is complete without its Special Features. In India most DVDs hardly have any. The LEGO Movie has two extras.

1. “Everything Is Awesome” Sing-Along – This little featurette has the exceedingly catchy theme song of the film ‘Everything is awesome’ in a 3 minute karaoke-style video. The words to the song flash up on the screen embedded in different LEGO bricks and assorted scenes from the film. You can just sit back and enjoy it or sing along when you need ‘everything to be awesome’!

2. Fan-Made Films: Top-Secret Submissions – Voice talent Chris Pratt (the voice of Emmet) introduces this bonus feature of brilliant short films made by fans for The LEGO Movie competition promoted in the ReBrick community (LEGO’s social media platform). The winning films were screened at the end of the movie and are included as are a couple of more that were shortlisted for the top three.


The ‘Oh So Close’ films were: ‘One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Six-legged Plunger Mech’, ‘Food Fighter’, ‘Creative Campers’, ‘Bovonic Tonic’, ‘Minotaur Mischief’ and ‘Truckasaurus’.

And the ‘Winners’ were: In 3rd place, ‘Unity Is Strength’, 2nd place ‘Garbage Man’ and the 1st place film ‘Gorgy Wants a Horse’.

Fans of LEGO across the globe are constantly making stop motion animation films with the bricks and miniature figures. There’s this really funny one done to the comic talents of Eddie Izzard called ‘Death Star Canteen’. Watch it here:


The DVD also has a Languages option so you can watch it in Hindi if you like. And I found the video and audio quality to be pretty awesome. Go out and buy one today.

DVD Courtesy Sony DADC
Rs 599


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