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Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

I am just back in Mumbai with a sigh of relief after 12 hours of travelling and still thoroughly jet lagged. While I was back home in Europe I found it really hard to cope with the lack of colour. One of the many reasons I love India; you get so much pleasure for your eyes!                 

I experimented quite a bit (if you have been following my posts you will know I had 3 wardrobes I could choose from) but it wasn’t always easy to find colour so *sigh*, I had to shop… One of my favourite colours is bright green and it feels as if it is always in fashion; now even more with the colour blocking trend taking over. So you don’t really need to wait till St Patrick’s Day to wear green.

Daytime look

Jeans: H&M; Orange top: my sister’s; Green sweater: Primark; Shoes: Converse; Bangle: Topshop

I have put together two looks: daytime and evening and equally blinding and subtle. One trip to Zara will provide you with a pair of green jeans but if you prefer to keep it low-key you can easily add elements of colour in a dark outfit.

Evening look

Trousers: Gucci; Green top: Mango; Black lace shirt: Zara; Boots: my sister’s

You are always welcome to add your comments/feedback or add your own take of my “ode to green”. Ciao!

Celebs go green 

Gwyneth Paltrow

Chalize Theron

Angelina Jolie

Eva Mendes


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