The Amazing Spider Man, Irrfan Khan

Sony is hyping up the fact that Indian actor Irrfan Khan (just ‘Irrfan’ for the movie credits though) is in The Amazing Spider-Man due for release in India on June 29, 2012. Irrfan  had a press conference in Mumbai on June 21, 2012 where he revealed this special clip of himself (Dr Ratha) and Rhys Ifans (Dr Connors/The Lizard) from the film.

Well now I’m not commenting on his strange English accent, I’ll leave that up to the viewers to decide. But from the clip it would appear Irrfan has a significant role in the movie and our main villain, Oscorp’s Dr Connors, doesn’t look like he’s bad to the bone. At least not to begin with. And of course there’s a reference in there about what really happened to Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) father and Dr Connor’s role in it all. Part of the ‘Untold Story’ no doubt.

Yes well I guess we can be a bit proud that an Indian actor has made it to the big leagues (and yes, this is indeed the big leagues) but I’m thinking we have a lot of good actors (who can speak English well) and should probably have a crack at a role or two in a Hollywood gig.

What do you reckon?


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