<Review by: Anish Masand an aspiring fashion designer currently studying at NIFT Mumbai and with a singular talent for style With inputs (some contradictory, always fun) from Amit Divekar, a fashion designer and uber stylish guy with an eye for what’s right and what’s fright!>

It was an evening to celebrate style – Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla completing 25 years in fashion. Moet & Chandon kept the champagne flowing during the bash they threw for the designer duo at China House at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. The guest list was expectedly starry, but let’s have a look at who kept their date with fashion and who committed couture crimes.

Sandeep Khosla, Daniel Lalonde and Abu Jani

While Sandeep Khosla keeps it classic in this black bandhgala, Abu Jani was a letdown, choosing an ill-fitting blazer for his big night
you can see he has trouble buttoning it up. The brooch is an interesting addition and extra marks for the patent leather shoes, yet the look fails to come together. Daniel Lalonde however reminds us of how the classic combination of a grey pinstripe suit and a basic black shirt can sail through perfectly for any event.

Sonali Bendre

Oh, dear lord! Motherhood has taken its toll on Sonali Bendre she shows us how a black chiffon saree can be ruined by teaming it up with that heinous sheer and sequins blouse. The black sequined petticoat and border are interesting, but are lost under those garish gold sequins, in motifs too huge for a blouse pattern. Her hair and make-up pass muster, but the look gets a big thumbs down.

Kirron Kher and Sikander

When I first saw this picture of Kirron Kher and her son Sikander, I was wondering if they landed up for the wrong event. Kirron looks like she’s attending a wedding reception in her Banarasi silk saree and costume-like jewellery. Sikander, never known for his sense of style, lives up to the image in an un-tucked “office” shirt and trousers. And could somebody please lend him a comb to tame those unkempt locks?

Dimple Kapadia and Twinkle Khanna

The two ladies who stole the spotlight are Dimple Kapadia and Twinkle Khanna. The mother-daughter duo look effortlessly gorgeous in their Abu–Sandeep creations, both in white and cream with silver and gold gota work. I absolutely love the way the two have accessorised their looks. While Dimple opts for multi-coloured beads in white, red, green and gold, Twinkle dazzles in her emerald chandelier earrings and Bottega Veneta clutch.

Feroze Gujral

The usually impeccably dressed Feroze Gujral looks like an airhostess from Thailand. The satin shirt and pants pass off as uniform the shirt doesn’t fit at the bust but thankfully, the pants complement her long legs. The fashionista’s shoes and bag are the saving grace of this ensemble.

Laila Lamba

Queenie Dhody

Laila Lamba and Queenie Dhody both seem to have borrowed their daughters’ dresses for the night. Laila’s LBD is just plain wrong, with a neckline that has the sides of her bra peeping through. The bottom half of the dress is interesting, but the drape in front is just tacky! The shoes are so last season she should have opted for gold heels or peep-toes instead of those gladiators. The clutch isn’t working the look and her hair is one gigantic disaster that could have been salvaged with one quick snip in the front. Queenie is back to trying too hard. The strap carelessly off her shoulders is designed to make her look younger, but she miserably fails. Her shoes and clutch can’t save this train wreck and come on, even Malibu Barbie goes easier on the spray tan!
Amit Divekar’s take:

The queen of pg 3! What can I say, she’s done and had done everything possible to have the perfect figure, face, skin, hair, wardrobe, jewellery, husband…oops! And sure enough she always manages to look like a million bucks (which is probably also the worth of each one of her ensembles!). Her look is mostly in good taste (cultivated I am guessing). She does sometimes border on ostentatious but I guess that goes hand in hand with the ‘socialite’ tag.

This is a fabulous and complete ensemble! A mini dress in a very nice nude with gold shimmer fabric. Superb close to the body draping and one off shoulder. Great outfit, fits her like a glove. Perfectly co-ordinated diamond earrings, bracelet and watch. Played by the book, over-sized gold clutch matches the gold pumps. Well styled hair, very today’s trend. Excellent make up, a lovely flesh colored lipstick and the best accessory off all, a dazzling smile.

Arjun and Mehr Rampal

Arjun and Mehr Rampal add to the eye candy of the event. Mehr looks like she’s been poured into this bandage dress and her nude peep-toes are to die for. I wonder though whether she forgot to wear any makeup or if she enjoys looking haggard. Even Arjun seems tired and unkempt, and not in a sexy way. His pants are ill-fitting and the belt and shoes don’t go together, while his shirt and blazer seem to hang off his lanky frame. A major disappointment!

Jackie Shroff

Aman Ali Khan

This picture of Jackie Shroff is good enough to give me a few sleepless nights. I rest my case,no comments can do any worse damage compared to what he has done to himself. Aman Ali Khan’s attire is, well, interesting. The bandhgala jacket fits well, but I’m not a fan of its detailing. I don’t feel jeans are appropriate for this event, yet they thankfully fit him well.

Ayub and Niharika Khan

I can’t fathom whether Ayub and Niharika Khan don’t give a damn or that they’re trying so hard to not be fashionable that they end up looking like clowns. Ayub piles it on with a printed shirt, ill-fitting jeans, cowboy boots, a Superman belt buckle and yellow sunglasses. Even writing all this down sends shivers down my spine. Niharika looks like she loves to shop at Manish market in Andheri, but I have to say her shoes are killer!

Sangeeta Bijlani

A disaster has struck down Sangeeta Bijlani’s fashion sense. How do you even explain why she’s substituted a scarf for pants, or the shiny, lycra blouse? The scary hairdo and make-up reminds you of a vampire, with her red satin pumps matching her scarlet lips.
Amit Divekar’s take:
Here’s a stunner! On the whole I think Sangeeta’s look is extremely striking and very much like a celebrity. However… she puts me in a dilemma.

Okay, so her hair and make-up are super duper and she looks absolutely beautiful. I love the top half of her outfit, two different textures in black, a georgette and a stretch fabric, always a great mix. Body hugging, but in the right places silhouette, hence flattering (she obviously seems to be in good shape).

But… the sarong raises my eye brow till it touches my hairline! It brings about a totally unexpected twist and probably not a very good one. It’s different and interesting but a little disturbing at the same time. I definitely hate the very Versace red, gold chains and swirls print! Too loud even for a Bolly dolly…maybe a more subtle print with darker, more monochromatic colors could have salvaged the outfit. The red peeptoes are very trendy and chic and the long blingie earrings and clutch work well too. So a slightly conflicting one this is, a thumbs up for the over all ‘star’ look and a sure ‘It’ for the top half of her outfit, but the sarong misses it!

Sussanne Roshan

I love Susanne Roshan’s look to her waist, after which it’s just a big mess down below. The neckline with the lace detailing is so pretty and brownie points for the side zipper an unusual detail. But the satin sash with the multiple layers of lace hanging from it seems to be falling apart. I love her red nails, yet humidity seems to have taken a toll on her hair. I know nude shoes are in, but with that dress, she should have opted for a gold pair to shine on the red carpet.

Abhishek and Aishwary Rai Bachchan

And finally, Mrs. Rai Bachchan makes a rare public appearance during her pregnancy, showing off her baby bump in this cleverly chosen black and gold kurta. The embroidery on the kurta is beautiful and I love the inner black piece. Abhishek, on the other hand, has worn the same look – white shirt, short black leather jacket, ugly shoes and nerdy glasses a million times over at events. It’s high time he dressed to match his glowing wife… somebody please introduce him to a stylist!

Amit Divekar’s take:

Though I’ve never been a big fan of Ash’s taste in clothes and personal style, I think this time she’s got it bang on! The black full on gold embroidered salwar kameez is gorgeous (reeks of Abu Sandeep). The simple A line silhouette is not only very flattering, it looks most comfortable on her especially at this juncture, as It conceals her very pregnant status brilliantly. Excellent choice of outfit. Of course such a heavy duty garment needs almost no accessorizing, which she has realized and worn just a pair of earrings.

I must point out here, having observed Ash right since her Miss. World days to date, her hair and makeup has ALWAYS been impeccable. As it is on this particular occasion as well. A straight ‘It’ to Ash for this look. Because she’s worth it!

Abhishek I think always plays safe in terms of his outfits, but always looks dapper. I suppose he knows that he needs to smartly cover up and mostly layer his, ahem… not so perfect body and often fluctuating weight. So the best look for him is classic, basic and sophisticated, in other words Armani, which he follows to the tee. Always seen in black and white and mostly suits, it’s kinda become his signature style. And I love the way both father (Amitabh Bachchan) and son introduce a little ‘quirky’ into their looks with their nerdy black glasses and sometimes very bright colored watches. They both make it work.

This particular ensemble of Abhi’s is very much his style; the black leather jacket is great (although I am sure he’s melting inside). White shirt, black tie, can’t go wrong with that… I will however say, that I am not entirely happy with the black pants. They look a little ill fitted and a wee bit ‘grand-paa-ish’ with the rest of the look. A pair of black or midnight blue jeans would have looked smashing. But apart from that this is an ‘it’ category look.

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