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Sachin Joshi and Urvashi Sharma

I read these two just got married; Congratulations! Enough with kind words though, let’s hit the nail on the head.  Sachin had good intentions when choosing his outfit, but it doesn’t work for me. The somewhat shiny black shirt is fine with the black velvet jacket, and would also be fine with a pair of jeans in order to make it look more casual, just not this pair. It looks a bit tight around his waist and thighs and too loose just above his shoes; borderline bell-bottoms and way too old-fashioned for me. It gets even worse with the belt and shoes. I get the sense he is stuck in some other decade, hard to say which one.

Urvashi didn’t have good intentions altogether. Her skin looks radiant, I have to admit, and her hair and make-up, although they lack imagination, they serve the purpose of making her look young and fresh. But what’s with that blouse? Urghhhh! I thoroughly dislike it and the sari is not much better either. I think colours wash her out too much. The jewels are fine, but the watch again spoils it totally. The clutch doesn’t help either. Totally not my cup of tea.


Shazahn Padamsee

The usually stunning looking Shazahn didn’t get it quite right this time. Let’s start from the top: I am getting a bit scared with the make-up, I keep thinking Count Dracula. The hair is a mess too; this hairstyle is in complete disharmony with the choice of outfit. If you can have a bare shoulder, why cover it up with your hair, why not show it off, methinks.  Maybe another sort of plait could have worked, like one around the crown, with a few strands of hair falling, but not this one. Then, the neck jewellery with a dress that covers half your neckline is a no-no for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like the piece, but it would have worked better with a strapless dress. The bangles are doing nothing special for the ensemble, and the shoes are a miss too. The dress should have been a bit longer and styled completely differently. The result is mismatched and dull.


Vidya Balan

Vidya in an A-MA-ZING Sabyasachi sari. Not much to say there because it speaks for itself. I love the blouse and the border, modern and classic at the same time and what brilliant colours. Jewellery that doesn’t draw too much attention but nicely complements the look, unpretentious and relaxed hair, sweet and youthful looking make-up.; Vidya gets a thumbs up from me.


Anushka Sharma

Two words: World Class. Anushka is looking superb in this metallic grey gown. She has the height and figure to carry it off but she also has the correct attitude. The choice of jewellery couldn’t have been better, slightly offbeat yet so classy. The shoes are blending in fine, but what really does the trick is the red lipstick and nail polish: small but essential detail which elevates her appearance to another level. Her slick hair gives her some more plus points. She reminds me of Athena, goddess of wisdom in Ancient Greek Mythology.


Nargis Fakhri

Apparently it is a DIOR gown, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like one on Nargis. I love the colour and how unusual the dress is but two things don’t work for me: the hair and the way she is carrying it:  It would have looked much better with an updo, maybe even a high ponytail, to give it a clean, fresh look. Furthermore, I don’t think she is entirely comfortable in this outfit, I think she is wearing it like she would for a ramp show; I see only the dress and not her.


Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari

I like Ali’s bandhgala-jodhpuri jacket; and especially the fact that I don’t see similar outfits on other men. The fit is fine, but he could have gone a little more playful with the shoes; why not wear a pair of red or white ones? Or simply change the colour of the buttons. Or maybe just smile: It would have made it a little less dull.  Aditi is one usually to get it right; she is halfway there this time. Her gown is just about alright. What I like about it is the femininity of it. It makes her look like a woman and not an innocent little girl, which is quite something to get that in a white dress! But the draping and the tulle detail do the trick. What I dislike is the fact that it is too shiny. Her hair is fantastic but I hate the make-up. Again too shiny, and I would like to see some more colour on her lips.


Bipasha Basu

Will Sabyasachi ever get it wrong? I really doubt it. Bipasha looks like a queen in this sari. The ochre/mustard colour makes rare appearances on the red carpet and this is a very special one. The border is also fabulastic. The fact that this sari is combined with such a modern and playful blouse is what makes the real difference for me. I love the hair, the clutch, the simple make-up, and most of all the big bindi.



If I am not mistaken, this is a Tarun Tahiliani sari/dress… which I don’t like very much. I don’t like the strap held blouse, it feels as if her flesh is pouring out of it. I like the work on the fabric, especially around the waist, and the draping that is being created there. I like her hair, but her make-up makes her look a bit dull and tired. The clutch and the jewellery are Ok; I just feel too much bling is being gathered and I don’t know where to look!


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