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Good Morning to all!

Today I got some eye candy on my email and I thought I should share it with you guys, because, you can imagine, all those calories…

I think this post will make everybody question what is it that makes a man looking like a man and not like a boy… For me, the clue is on the first picture:

Aamir Khan and his moustache. Usually Aamir is not my cup of tea when it comes to appearance but this strip of facial hair makes all the difference. I am sold! And then, all the understatement with a simple black top, dark blue jeans and black trainers teamed up with heavy looks and smiles with meaning … ooh what a hottie… His top shows off all this upper body muscle and the absolute lack of jewellery / watch makes me wanting to smell his aftershave. Enough, enough, I should calm down…

Aamir Khan

Imran Khan has also chosen the path of simplicity – teaming up a white shirt with blue jeans. I love the texture of his shirt, it looks like a very expensive one, but mind you, you can always get a bargain in Cottonworld or Zara that looks similar to this one. Also, keeping the collar of the shirt slightly smaller makes the white shirt easier to wear for a casual look like this. Roll the sleeves like Imran and you are good to go. I have to point out though that the shoes and the hat make all the difference and upgrade this look to business class immediately. A nice trilby hat is every descent rocker’s accessory and if you have been handed a guitar for the day don’t forget the hat. As for the shoes: Doc Martins would be a bit much as they make a more than strong statement, so he has chosen a pair of shoes that looks like them but it is a bit more elegant and smarter looking. Now, is there a hint of shadow under Imran’s eyes or is it just me? Is it tiredness (justified I suppose) or guyliner?

Imran Khan

Rajeev Khandelwal — I am not impressed. On a first sight it looks a bit too trendy and as if too much effort has been put in. Now, men take notice: Effort is good, but it shouldn’t be obvious. The black shirt is a bit too shiny for my liking, plus I generally prefer smaller collars. It looks as if it should be worn with a suit and tie. The jeans are not bad but the belt really ruins it for me; I am waiting to see when the Black Sabbath is coming out to play. And then pointy shoes… Are they slip ons, booties, I can’t tell. I am not saying one shouldn’t experiment (on the contrary) but if I were Rajeev, I would pick a pair of cowboy boots with an awesome design and wear them with jeans and t-shirt.

Rajeev Khandelwal

Ranbir Kapoor now, looks how he is supposed to look when promoting a film called Rockstar. With the trilby hat, like Imran, he is wearing a light coloured pair of seriously distressed jeans which I really like. It looks modern and…well …fit for a Rockstar. On top he is wearing something like a cross between a short kurta, a shirt and a hoodie which goes well with these jeans. It is not as usual as a t-shirt and it has a nice texture to it – it looks soft and comfy. It all suggests someone too cool for school- all attitude and individuality. I like the white fitted t-shirt inside because it allows Ranbir to keep the buttons of the hoodie open and therefore it allows more movement and assists the dishevelled aspect of the look. I am not sure about two things: the colour of the hat and the soles of the shoes. The hat is too winter-y for me (yes I know it is winter but for me it doesn’t count- it is above 27 degrees for God’s sake) and although I like the shoes, I don’t like the soles. He is also wearing a wristband which is only visible when he lifts his arms but it still looks cool (the “not-too-obvious” effort- Rajeev are you listening?). And I have to note: there is a heaviness about him, a pensiveness that is adding to his charm and definitely places him amongst the Men.

Ranbir Kapoor

Vivek Oberoi – at last some colour! I love the blue shoes; they are the most special of the lot. They look fine with the jeans but I would have loved to see them with a pair of trousers for a change. It’s like most men have jeans for casual outings and formal trousers for weddings. Guys, there are other things in between! The yellow t-shirt is my second favourite item of the look. It is by an Italian brand called “de puta madre” (http://www.deputamadre69.it/). Never mind the Spanish name, the phrase is actually a curse equal to “son of a bitch”. Maybe that’s why Vivek decided to wear the shirt on top-he must have thought let’s not provoke the masses. I used to eye all the men’s t-shirts when I was in Europe; the simpler ones are really cool. I am not very keen on the shirt AND the t-shirt; I would rather see him in one of the two. Now, should I mind that I have the same sunglasses as him? Nah, they are awesome so he can have them too. There are also some pieces of jewellery, a ring, a bangle and a watch that are forming a surprisingly harmonious combination with the rest of the outfit. Why does he remind me of Tom Cruise’s early days I cannot really explain but, hey, it is a compliment whichever way you see it.

Vivek Oberoi

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