<Review by: Amit Divekar, a fashion designer and uber stylish guy with an eye for what’s right and what’s fright!>

Hema Malini

Beautiful! Hema Malini is grace and poise personified. The light gold glass tissue saree with the silver, diamante embroidery and lace appliqués is gorgeous. A little too shiny, but works with her persona. Lovely matching Magyar sleeves blouse. The all diamond jewelry borders on ‘too heavy’ but looks quite elegant. The make-up is subtle and tasteful. The hair is a bit too done up and puffed, but again works with her starry persona. The only item I have a major issue with is the tiara-like hairpiece! It’s absolutely unnecessary; it’s jutting out comically and making the look too costumey.

I think she’s taken the ‘dream girl’ ‘dream princess’ tag a little too far. Although her overall look is overdressed and wedding reception like, I’ll say it’s a mature ‘It’ look.

Poonam Dhillon

OMG… This is a major accident! And there is blood and guts splattered all over the zebra crossing! I need to shut my eyes and calm down for a moment… I cannot take in so much bad taste.

First of all, the designer of that saree should cease to exist! Such hideously mismatched colours and loud prints should be banned from being manufactured! And it is a further tragedy the way Poonam has over done everything else in the ensemble. The red lace blouse, the art-tacky red bead pendant, the long flashy earrings, the red rose purse, the flaming red lipstick and nail paint and bindi, the big hair…. Woah… breathe… Amit… breathe! I fail to understand why celebs that are generally quite well dressed sometimes just snap and go berserk with their outfits. She’s such a pretty and charming lady with a dazzling smile but she’s made herself look frightful! Poonam’s look has unforgivably and irreversibly missed it!

Neena Gupta

Hey… taxi! Oh no…sorry, it’s Neena Gupta’s saree. And look closer the saree also has a white with giant black polka doted rag hanging from it. And lady, heard of an iron!? One shouldn’t appear at public events with crumpled clothes. Maybe her oxidized silver and stone neck piece is quite nice and the charcoal batwa is in keeping with the Indian look, but I can’t look beyond that downright strange and gaudy saree! There isn’t anything more to this look to be talked about. Sadly and oddly ‘missed it’!

Juhi Chawla

Gorgeous! Juhi looks graceful and elegant as always. She mostly wears salwar kameezes and kurtis and looks uber comfortable and lovely in them. Seen here in an Anarkali, which is actually a bit too ornate with very heavy duty gold embroidery, but looks stunning nevertheless. The crimson-maroon base color looks great on her. The brocade yoke with the solid gold embroidery(which is repeated at the hemline) off sets very well with the flair part of the kameez. The long flowing flair is in a rosy sheer fabric with traditional motifs. The dupatta is a contrasting beige-gold with maroon velvet embroidery along all edges. In my opinion this outfit could have been worn even without the dupatta. It’s complete in itself. Also I don’t care much for the huge pearl tassels hanging from the dupatta… too bridal. The chunky gold pearl jhumkas and gold bangles are beautiful and the ethnic yet high heeled sandals add a perfect finishing touch to the ensemble. Her trade mark long curly hair looks great, while her makeup is subtle and makes her look young and vibrant. An absolute ‘It’ desi girl look!

Ronit Roy and wife Neelam

Uh oh… it’s a poor magician and his wife. Please open your hearts people and donate some clothes.

I feel bad that Ronit Roy has had to make a coat out of the cheap red velvet upholstery fabric of his sofa. A Bandh gala in red velvet! The designer should be behind bars! Here’s the thing… I’ll admit I don’t hate this shade of rust red, and I don’t exactly shun velvet, but the quality of velvet and how one uses it in what type of garment is crucial! Perhaps if it was a casual jacket left open, maybe with a charcoal /steel grey/beige shirt inside and dark jeans, it might have worked. But the white shirt worn inside makes it look even worse and the black pants look like they’ve been borrowed from his accountant. The vampire-ish slicked back hair and the dark tan shoes are quite fresh and nice but cannot save this scary ensemble from terrorizing us!

Mrs. Roy, heard of makeup and jewelry? Apparently not. And why is she wearing her 60 year old big aunty Sandra’s tunic, as a dress?! The length of the dress is unflattering, it looks like it’s worn out and gone shapeless from being home washed a trillion times. The wannabe animal print at the neckline looks terribly trite. And the sleeves… they are the worst feature! The sleeve length and fit reminds me of very typical saree blouses of the 80’s worn by the likes of Jaya Prada. The hair is just ok, the black peep-toes, the gold over sized watch and the silver blingie clutch are lovely. But this just goes to show that only if careful attention is paid to each element of ones ensemble (esp. the garment) does it turn out looking good and complete.

Oh lord… these people are so far removed from the world of fashion, it’s tragic! I am saddened… both of them have very sadly missed it!


I wonder if Kashmira at a circus. What with the Barbie pink lipstick and the electric blue nail color! The only things missing are the blob red nose and carrot top hair. What she also looks like here is a slutty waitress who is bored of her uniform so has cut off her boring white shirt in half and tied it with a string. I do like the black high waisted stretch Georgette skirt. It’s very trendy and looks pretty good on her body but its too corporate and therefore inappropriate for an awards function. The hair’s fine, the watch looks cheap and the gold chain sling purse looks like she’s about to chain someone to her bed and do bad bad things to them! Oh lord… Kashmira’s working girl meets slutty waitress meets clown look has shamefully ‘missed it’!

Jaaved Jaffrey

Get your funny on… its clown central! And I am not talking about Javed Jaffrey’s histrionics; I am talking about his outfit! I think the hair and the rimless frame are quite okay, so is the stubble. The gray shirt is downright dull and the matching gray tie is like a fatal bolt of shiny polyester coming at you! When it comes to certain colours like gray, lavender etc one needs to be super careful about picking the right shades. The right shade can look soft and elegant and the wrong shade always looks extremely tacky. Of course, the latter is the case here. The black jacket is HIDEOUS. The colorful embroidery on it is unforgivable and looks like something a low-end store outside a suburban train station would sell as ‘fancy’ kids wear. The black with white stripes pants are completely mismatched with the rest of the ensemble and further assert that he’s come dressed as a clown. So this ‘clowning glory’ has missed the mark and fallen down! And we’re not amused.

Salman Khan

Haha… Salman has regressed to the 90s. Either that, or he paid perhaps a mere Rs 1000 or there about, to a fashion street vendor to put together this entire ensemble for him. White polo collar tee! Yawn…

Black leather belt (with hideous metal detailing): Hello 90s bad fashion! Jeans: Hello 90s really bad fashion with unfavorable slits and zippers! Holy Denim God, the wash of those jeans looks super cheap, and seriously… bottom slits in the side seems of pants, dude… women‘s jeans had this sad feature years back! Black leather shoes: road side chic. Jacket: Kinda Eskimo-ish and unnecessary but trendy, so looks alright. Salman’s sense of style is very edgy, rough, spunky casual. Very Diesel, DSquared, Gstar Raw, Ed Hardy. But each item in this particular look is dated and most ordinary. He’s supposed to be the “Rock star” of Bolly but here he’s ‘missed it’ so badly that instead of head banging I feel like banging my head repeatedly on the wall!

John Abraham, Chitrangda, Akshay Kumar

I love John’s sense of style. Its cool, comfortable, easy yet stylish. Just like his ensemble here. So casual chic, so John! The white V-neck tee is great on him as it slims down his neck and bulky chest. The classic black jacket is lovely but it does seem a tad oversized and way too long. Definitely needs to be shorter and better fitted. The comfort fit blue denims are just fine and I adore the navy loafers with white laces. Very fashionable and they add the necessary punch to this look. His short hair is styled well and a stubble suits John and 90% of men. Perhaps not an A+ but certainly an A to John’s ‘It’ look.

Love Akshay’s black Nehru collar jacket. Exquisitely designed and fits him like a dream. I like his nerdy chic styled parted hair and clean shaven look. The jeans are a superb shade of dark yet bright blue and the fit is proper. But go further down, and you go, ‘Oh no!’. What happened with the shoes?! Tan cowboy boots with half tucked in jeans… No, No! It’s an unpleasant unexpected anti-climax to a fantastic ensemble. I understand mix ‘n’ match but this is pushing it too far! Please don’t try any stunts in fashion! Just a basic pair of black suede or leather shoes Akshay… not rocket science! So, till the ankles it’s an absolute ‘It’ but below that, Eh…


Wow… Chitrangda’s gown is Ab Fab! A glorious emerald color with satin edging. The drapie halter neck bodice is very flattering and the criss-cross detailing at the empire waist adds a great design factor. The fit and the fall of the flowing part is excellent and the long trail lends the gown oodles of red carpet glamour! The low open back reveals just enough to make her look sexy but not inappropriate. Now lets come to the hair, I am a little baffled here, it’s a nice do but the hair piece is too obvious and too poofie at the back. Its a ‘good from far but far from good’ case. The make-up is nice and fresh but the red lip colour is a little too bright and therefore questionable. But the most disastrous part of the ensemble is the statement neck piece. Ethnic silver chunky with a giant red stone! Girl… what were you thinking! In which parallel universe does that go with a purely western design trail gown!? Also the neutral sandals and charcoal clutch are a complete and utter mismatch. So in spite of the super grand gown and Chitrangda herself looking very beautiful, the overall ensemble majorly suffers on account of all the accessories! Sorry, I really want to but I can’t pin my ‘It’ label on this one.

Ritiesh Deshmukh

I quite like the over all look. Sort of suave classy Hollywood star. But breaking it down, from waist up are all the pluses and from waist down mostly minuses. The slicked back hair always works for a sophisticated look. Nice classic tuxedo collar white shirt with small black buttons. Well fitted black slim lapelle jacket with a decent amount of sheen (although shiny is not my taste, I’ll allow it). Black leather shoes: Check. The two elements that fail to impress are, 1: The black belt. It should have been thinner with a more sleek buckle (maybe even an Hermes H or Gucci G buckle) and 2: The Black trousers. The design and fit of those trousers both scream ‘old uncle/grandfather’ and the length is too long. Ritiesh might just scrape through to the ‘It’ section… Or not!

Sonali Bendre

Oh dear God… what possessed Sonali to wear that!? This is just WRONG! It’s deeply saddening that some designers think that by cascading fabric randomly from here there and everywhere they have created a drape garment. And they make the most pretty and perfect of celebs like Sonali wear these garments and look like natural calamities! That dress… angers me!

The color combination is dreadful and it looks as if a coral coloured dress is shabbily worn over a neutral colored dress! There is no balance whatsoever in the drape. The entire waist seem is ‘in your face’ and that is precisely what needed to be covered or camouflaged! The shoddy applique at the waistline looks as if it was patched there to hide a tear. Her strappy natural shoes and matching clutch are very chic, but that dress descends like an avalanche destroying everything in sight! Hate her overly done up hair (are those obvious brown extensions or is it a full on wig?!) and smokey eyes does not go with this look! I do like the lip colour though and the jewelry is not worth a mention. So in conclusion, this amateur ‘dress making project’ outfit of Sonali’s has shamed my ‘missed it’ section!

Samir Soni and Neelam

This couple proves the fact that one individual in a couple can have a great sense of style and the other one can be clueless!

Neelam looks luminous in a smokey gray georgette tunic dress with a shimmery silver print and borders on the hemline and loose tie up sleeves. The length of the dress is perfect (not too long, not too short) and fits her well. This semi-fitted silhouette is fantastic for Neelam as she has a broad torso, which it totally camouflages. Understated yet noticeable silvery earrings. Her beautiful tresses left loose need no styling, and her makeup is basic with a lovely natural lip color. Love the pearly-white sparkly peep-toes and matching clutch. Neelam is picture perfect, a complete and ‘It’ look with a thumbs up!

On the other hand Samir’s ensemble is just short of a casualty! A few pluses: The construction, length and fit of his jacket. I also quite like the horizontal stripes on the stand collar, shoulders and cuffs. All very sharp! But… the horrifically shiny fabric of the jacket and the jarring aqua-ish royal-ish blue colour ruin it all! The plastic diamante buttons on the jacket take it straight to tacky town. And if this isn’t enough, his jeans are so ill fitting that they look like denim pyjamas. The black shoes are too ordinary, don’t go with the rest of the ensemble and the hair is just about OK. Samir is a nice looking guy but has got it all wrong here. Neelam, honey please personally style your (in)significant other or keep him indoors!

Dolly Bindra

Lol… Lmao…. Sorry can’t stop… Rotfl! All three witches of Eastwick rolled into one! This flying tattered bat-crow-pigeon-penguin gown takes the cake the baker and the bakery! And the hairdo/piece and jewelry fit her perfectly into the character of an ‘Evil Giant Queen’ in a second grade school play! I have no more words… lol lol…! Only Dolly can wear something like this!

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