<Review by: Anish Masand an aspiring fashion designer currently studying at NIFT Mumbai and with a singular talent for style>

In the week that went by in fashion, here’s my review of who looks “fugly” and who looks “fab”.

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar inaugurated ‘Celebrate Bandra’ and here’s looking at what the recently voted ‘India’s hottest dad’ wore to the event. So I’m in a major dilemma here – Farhan is wearing one of my favourite trends. It’s the ‘henley’, in a colour that looks really good on him. It’s great the way the sheer fabric accentuates his upper body. The sleeves rolled upto his elbows are perfect and the right way for the style to be worn. Everything about the T-shirt seems to be working for him.

I like the steel watch – I just wish he’d worn a round dial instead of a square one. I can’t really figure out what the other black band on his wrist is, but it makes for an interesting piece. Waist down, his look just falls apart. Those horrendous jeans! Farhan looks like he modeled them on his bedtime pajamas and the fit can only be described as weird – tight at the waist and baggy below. A darker wash in a straighter fit or a slim straight fit would have done wonders for this look. The yellow shoes look plain stupid; they make his feet look tiny under those jeans and you have to wonder whether he was waddling about like a penguin through the night. My verdict is “fab” on top, “fugly” below.

Rahul Bose

Meanwhile, Rahul Bose was at the MCUBED library, reading out his favourite childhood stories. So, for a fun, casual event, he went for a look that was just blah! It’s just sad that someone like Rahul, who isn’t afraid to experiment, turns up in a white Hilfiger shirt and grey pinstripe trousers for a children’s book reading, keeping the look ‘corporate’ instead of fun. Maybe he assumed that all the kids were going to turn into management graduates one day, and decided to give them a crash course in office dressing.

The saving grace here is that he wore a half-sleeved shirt and a grey cloth belt which kept the look slightly fresh and young, and extra points for matching his socks to his trousers. Yet overall, a major disappointment! A fun printed T-shirt or a shirt with a little pop of colour would have worked so much better – after all, he is in decent shape. Also, with those bags under your eyes, spiking your hair when you have a receding hairline isn’t the best thing to do. There’s nothing wrong here, but trust me, there’s nothing right. I’d have to go with “fugly” here again; you need to mix things up a bit or just end up looking like a corporate clone.

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