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Freida Pinto at the International Film Festival of India, Goa

Freida Pinto

You know what is the weirdest thing about Freida Pinto? The fact that she looks more at ease in western outfits that Indian ones… Google images will verify that! She carries off gowns really well but something just doesn’t add up for me in this picture. The outfit is sweet looking with its little quirks like the little triangles hanging from her dupatta and the strings, and the colours are nice on her skin tone. I also like the layering, the discreet craft on the top layer and the mix of fabrics, but she seems a bit uncomfortable in it. It feels like she is trying to make a statement: “Look, I might be in Hollywood but I am still Indian” kind of thing. The conclusion is that no matter how nice an outfit is, no matter how hot you are if you are not comfortable in it, it will not look good. Her smirk says it all, I say.

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