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She is one of the most all round talented and dynamic women in music. She is a feisty female with an exciting mind. She is an unconventional pop star (you cannot get more of a contradiction in terms than that); she calls herself an “anti-pop star” which is probably more accurate. She is M.I.A.


M.I.A speaks to and for the people, more like Anna Hazare than Salman Khan. British of Tamil-Sri Lankan descent, her musical style has influences from all over the world: U.K., India, Sri Lanka, North and South America and Africa. She attended Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design where she used to hang out with the fashion students (she was fashion designer Luella Bartley’s roommate). She graduated with a degree in fine art, film and video and in 2008 she had her own collection during the New York Fashion Week. She is also a visual artist nominated for the Alternative Turner Prize and according to Wikipedia, fashion and guerrilla art are her two major influences.

Her style expresses her strong individuality; it is sexy, boyish, youthful, and bold. It has the ‘my way or the high way’ factor and makes a statement, be it political, social or cultural, just like her music and art. So today I have decided to pay a tribute to this incredible artist by going through my wardrobe and putting together some outfits hopefully the way she would. They’re not exact but you can say inspired!

1st Look

[T-shirt: Marc for Marc Jacobs; Hot pants and tights: Topshop; Boots: All Saints]

2nd Look

[Tracksuit bottoms: Adidas; Top: stolen from my mum; Tie: handmade by my boyfriend]

3rd Look

[Shirt: Lee Jeans; Skirt: Top Shop; Tights: H&M; Trainers: Adidas]

4th Look

[Tiger print T-shirt: Top Shop; Trousers: Dimensione Danza; Sunglasses: Ray Ban; Trainers: Adidas]

5th Look

[T-shirt: Diesel; Hot pants: Replay]

To get her style, in Mumbai, you can get a few cool things around Linking Road and Hill Road in Bandra or Lokhandwala market. If you want quality and have friends abroad that can get a shipment on your behalf, you can go on http://americanapparel.net/ and look at their leggings and their denim hot pants. Delhi girls are a bit luckier with Forever 21 there – I have spotted a pair of tribal print leggings. Wherever you shop, remember to keep things colourful, with graphic and ethnic prints, shiny accessories that echo hip hop culture and get a pair of futuristic design sunglasses. That reminds me, I DONTHAVETHISKINDOFSUNGLASSES…hmm. Shopping list item 6529: M.I.A style sunglasses.

6th Look

I didn't like how the sleeves were falling on my arms and I customised them with a couple of brooches from Accessorize. I could have used different ones or badges but I just happened to have two of the same which I really like and I felt they add something to this look

[T- shirt: Zara Man; Leggings & belt: Primark; Trainers: Adidas; Brooches on sleeves: Accessorize; Red sunglasses: from a stall in Goa]

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