<Review by: Amit Divekar, a fashion designer and uber stylish guy with an eye for what’s right and what’s fright!>

Deepika Padukone

Wow! That body is flawless from head to toe! I am floored!

And it is only such an incredibly toned and proportionate figure that can carry off a super clingy mini dress like this one.

Well done Deeps, you’ve done your gym trainer proud! The inky blue color although quite ‘last season’ does wonders for her tan skin tone. An absolutely apt color for all people with a wheatish complexion. Superb choice of shimmery gold sling back peeptoes fringing her never ending legs, and love the scarlet painted toe nails that make her feet luminous. Her puffie hair do and hair color accentuate her face perfectly. The one critique I feel compelled to make though is that Deepika in general needs to accessorise more. Considering she has a very plain Jane face and personality, she needs that extra umph factor always. She needs to look more like a star and less like the girl next door.

A statement neck piece or big earrings, a chunky bracelet or even a big gold /silver watch would have increased the glamor quotient of this look by several degrees. But nothing matters ultimately, coz the way that dress sits on her curves just takes Deepika straight to the top of the ‘It’ list.


Nice… Overall I am liking the whole look. A dress with a structured silhouette, which she has the bod to carry off. A ‘can’t go wrong’ red and black combo, with very nice detailing at the neckline. The clutch, minimal jewelry and hair are slick, and in keeping with the chic look.

BUT… and there always is one, what’s with the fabric!? The fabric takes the look from chic to tacky.

It’s like a scorpion draped in cheap satin! The shiny fabric makes even Shiny Ahuja look more decent! Aaahh my eyes my eyes… I am blind!

A matt fabric like a taffeta or a thick pure silk would have made this look superb.

Designers need to realise that celebs wearing their outfits are going to be hit by very bright lights and accordingly choose their fabrics. Some fabrics just don’t work with harsh lights and the wearer lands up looking like a lamp post. I am also hating the shoes. In my opinion medium heels should be banned altogether, or restricted to pre-teen girls, who are dying to wear heels but their mothers won’t allow them to wear very high ones. A shoe needs to be either very high or quite flat.

So the final verdict… Only because of the wrong choice of fabric this look falls into my Missed bucket.

Sagrika Ghatge

Lovely! This I call a perfectly co-ordinated top-to-toe ensemble.

The loosely pulled back hair gives a sense of effortless style. The dress in a fabulous Valentino-ish red pure satin with a flattering drape that she looks very comfortable in. Just the right amount of sparkle added by the earrings and the watch. Tres chic black peep toes with a hint of bling and the black oversized clutch looks fantastic. Can’t find a fault even if I tried. Definitely an “It” look!

Chirag Paswan

All black=All bliss. A well tailored black suit, fits him well (which is paramount when it comes to suits).

The buckle extensions on the stand collar inside add a nice edge to the look. The white shirt peeking through brightens the look just enough. Now… the big minus… The shiny pants!

I’ll admit that if a jacket is made out of a silk or satin blend fabric with a bit of sheen, in the right color, it looks quite festive and dressy. But shiny pants are a strict no-no for men, unless you are Elvis. Just regular black pants or even blue jeans would have looked extremely stylish with the rest of the ensemble.

And puhh..leezz what is it gonna take for Indian men and women to stop wearing blue, green, purple and grey lenses!? When will they realise that with the Indian skin tone, bright colored eyes look extremely unnatural and therefore scary… Even if one is milky fair (in which case one’s often born with coloured eyes) coloured eyes DO NOT mesh with most Indian features and bone structure!

So, for Chirag, Face: Missed it! Torso: ‘It” and Bottom: Majorly missed it!

Kaishav Arora

Oh dear… it’s a Smurf dressed in a jacket! Oh no, sorry… it’s a blue human being.

Phew! Ok, so a basic well fitted black jacket: Check. Dark blue jeans (and I am forgiving the stitching detail on the thighs and the uneven wash coz it doesn’t look too bad): Check.

But dude… blue and white printed bandanna, a Smurf blue polo collar tee and pointed toe leather shoes!? You have got to be kidding me.

People, I’ll say this AGAIN, pointy toe men’s shoes made a very brief appearance a few years ago.

THEY ARE OUT as out can get! Please have mercy on our eyes and don’t wear them and make yourselves look like pixies and goblins! Actually, sans the bandanna and with a nice pair of loafers, this ensemble would have worked well.

In fact, even the Smurf blue tee could have stayed and maybe added a little vibrancy to the whole look. But as it is, this look is a mighty disaster. Missed.

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