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Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan


I just love Kareena’s look. I am afraid that a lot of people might disagree but I love it. First of all I like the print which has something Japanese in it. It reminds me of cartoons with falling leaves and girls with huge eyes and big blond hair (like all Japanese people really) running through them. The dress is great for her figure; it shows off a small waist and falling loose and feminine on her arms and legs. This kind of dress looks amazing in movement, it’s soft and gives me the sense of a person at ease with themselves, of someone I could seek comfort with. Kareena looks like the sweetest girl in these pictures and she is proof that you don’t need to reveal much in order to be sensual. Her nude shoes, her nail polish, her minimal jewellery are all perfect complements to this look and GOD did you see that mahoosive rock on her finger??

Kareena and the rock!


What an immaculate dresser. And how nicely he compliments Kareena’s look. He is wearing this kind of blue-grey suit with such ease as if he was born in it. The clue is firstly in how well the suit fits him and secondly in the Gingham shirt in contrast with the stripy handkerchief. Ingenious. He pairs two things one rarely sees together and he makes a surprisingly harmonious combination. The rest is all simple really. Nice belt that adds to the outfit without attracting too much attention, perfect dressy shoes and two rings: wedding ring and one more. And that’s it. Add a bit of stubble and a stylish haircut et voilà! Perfection.

Imran Khan

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