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Most human beings love to wear black. One can rarely go wrong with it. It’s a classic, it goes with everything, it’s bold and always makes a statement, it hides body flaws, it suits all skin colours and it’s a staple of the fashion industry.

But unfortunately in hot, sultry, tropical weather (like Mumbai) it is not a practical colour to wear. If you still must wear black out on a hot day (I totally understand!), here are a few tips to wear it well and not melt in the bargain:

1. Make sure the fabric of your garment is PURE cotton! No blend, no percentage of any other artificial fabric. Half your battle is won.

2. Wear a loose, light, flowing garment. Nothing is more uncomfortable than a tight, heavy, clingy black garment with sweat packed inside.

3. Wear an open weave like a net, crochet or cotton linen. This will let the fabric and you breath.

4. Avoid collars or high necks so you don’t feel suffocated. An open neck is best.



5. A huge advantage of wearing black is, it hides sweat patches. So if you are going for an interview or an important meeting or a date, and don’t want to look like a Dalmatian who’s travelled on a bus, black is a good idea.

6. If you are wearing all black, always wear it with a spot of colour: a bright pair of shoes or a bag or some accessory. It will brighten up the ensemble and not make your look like a witch or a wannabe rock star. A sprightly dash of colour will also resonate summer.


7. Wear your hair up. Or just cut it short for the summer. Long thick hair on top of a black garment will just make you simmer!

8. Lastly, keep your cool! Heat tends to make us irritable and short tempered. It will make you feel hotter.


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