<Review by: Amit Divekar, a fashion designer and uber stylish guy with an eye for what’s right and what’s fright!>


White Swan Raageshwari looks lovely. Although the entire ensemble is nice, there’s too much white happening in it… The big disc-like earrings, the watch, ring and of course the gown. A hint of another color, even just a gold or silver would have been nice. I do like the gown, it’s a classic halter neck, slim silhouette and fits her very well. It is tad bit too long and her footwear is not visible at all. I’d say a 6 out of 10 for the make-up. She could have gone easy on the blush. Her hair is well-styled but lady… do your roots! I don’t understand how so many celeb gals step out in public with a good 3-4 inches of their original black hair color clearly showing. It is such a huge hair faux pas! If you choose to colour your hair you CAN’T afford to be lazy with touchups. But anyway, overall Rags looks luminous and I’ll give her an ‘It’ for this one.

Nisha Jhamwal

No need to go to an African safari this vacation… the safari has just walked in! Animal prints on garments are nice but the entire animal kingdom along with grasslands and forest and landscape on a garment… that’s like putting your hand into the lion’s mouth! And the construction of that dress is a mess! The rooshing along the sides is so badly finished that it looks like a thread has been accidentally pulled. The hemline is undecidedly falling over the place and the length of the dress is all wrong making Nisha look very short. The miscellaneous chain necklace, the big rings, the bangles are all great and make a statement. The tie-up jute wedges do go with dress but are too dull to be noticed. Hair and make-up are nothing outstanding. I like the bitter chocolate brown distressed leather tote. But ultimately that shabby jungle Jane number definitely misses it! Grrrrowwl…..!

Unknown lady (if you know, let us know!)

Oh dear god… what has walked in! That outfit will put a bar girl to shame! How can a girl in her right mind wear something like this…! The black net top is actually quite nicely designed (provided it’s teamed with the right garments) with all the mini gathering and rooshing and little frills etc. But the bra showing through it… That doesn’t look right even on SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker!). Whatever happened to skin coloured undergarments?! The skirt apart from being the worst feature of the ensemble is basically a petticoat that should be worn under a saree! And don’t even get me started on the gaudy acid pink colour or the shiny art silk fabric or the tacky shell embroidery on it! The wannabe mother of pearl earrings and other jewelry is just that… wannabe! The hair’s alright, the make-up is overdone and the blue lenses put the seal on the slutty deal! The white sandals are awful and completely miss matched and the black and pink odd shaped purse looks too forced! This ensemble is completely devoid of any trace of decency, class or taste. It’s an embarrassment and a missed it!

Shobhaa De and Friend

Shobhaa De

Thumbs up for Shobha’s understated yet stylish look. Sort of cool, artsy bohemian inspired, very Shobha. The black loose kaftan worn over black leggings is lovely. The blacks don’t match though, which is an important point to watch when teaming up different fabrics of the same color. The chunky stone statement neck piece is fantastic, the watch the big ring, it’s all good. And finally, the subtle leopard skin pencil point peep-toes add a pleasant twist. I like the stole and the way it’s draped, but I have a problem with its wavy edges… they look as if she tore them and wore them. Also the colour of the stole is a bit too dull. The make-up is fine and her trademark long open hair looks good. Must say she’s got it all together, no critique for this brutal critic. ‘It’ on my list.


All superb… but I am so bored of these bold colorful mix ‘n’ match laser prints. They’ve gone beyond their time on earth. I thought people must be sick of them by now… apparently not! I like the loose yet fitted silhouette of this dress. The drapie design, the asymmetric length, are all lovely and flattering. I like the bright tropical turquoise and royal hues, but don’t care much for the overly busy print. She looks comfortable and confident in it though, which always works. Her periwinkle purple suede strappys are Fab. I dig the long straight 70s hippy hair. And the fresh and natural make-up brightens up her face. I am glad she’s worn no jewelry as the dress is ornate enough. All in all a straight ‘It’ from me!

Sunita Menon

Sunita totally looks the part. The mystical, mysterious, gypsy-ish tarot reader with a gaze so strong and Kaftan so long. The ‘Kaftan’ is a kind of a classic and it looks good on most tall people like Sunita. I do think the colors and the print are a bit too loud (too Versache-ish) but I guess she’s wearing it well. The length of the Kaftan is proper but an open toe sandal would have been more fitting as opposed to the bronze pumps she has on. The bejeweled empire waist band (although a predictable feature) slims the flowing silhouette aptly. And the little blingie detailing along the edges adds a subtle sparkle. The chunky gold cuff bracelet is very trendy. Love the black quilted Dior clutch. The hair and makeup are alright. So all in all it’s a very basic and therefore an ‘It’- ish look.

Smita Jaykar

Ok, is it just me or is this an overdose of yellow gold… the dress the jewelry, Oh my gold! And apart from the gold there is too much colour happening. The colour blocked yellow, blue, orange and pink salwar kameez is way too bright, hurts my eyes! Although the cotton silk fabric is quite rich and elegant, the colours are all wrong. I sort of like the gold and pearl earrings, bangles, watch, the tradional gold sandals etc but the blinding shine of the whole ensemble is too much to take (especially the multicoloured clutch!). I need glares to look at her! Her make-up is fine but her hair is totally undone and scary… the bed head look should be restricted to short haired boys! I’ll squint and say ‘missed it’

Kailash Surendranath

That is a very sharp beige/natural extremely well fitted linen suit on Kailash. And finally… a well fitted pair of pants worn by a man! Halleluija! The classic two button jacket always in style. But the super dull sort of no colour shirt and black tie are killing the whole look. Of course, there can be multiple possibilities of ties and shirts, but just a non fussy plain white shirt and a bright coloured tie would have been perfect. Be that as it may, hello… what’s with the hobo shoes! Apart from the fact that they are awful they cannot EVER be worn with a suit! And the shabby shoe laces remind me of a unkempt school boy. The shoes have ruined the ensemble! So for the suit a sure ‘It’ but everything else especially the shoes, a pathetic missed it.

Owais Hussain

I am tres impressed! Here is a classy tasteful perfectly coordinated top to toe ensemble. It exemplifies effortless style. The chestnut brown jacket is trendy, well-fitted and fabulous. The tortoise shell buttons on it give it a cool casual touch. The dark blue jeans are super with a great fit. The crisp white chinese collar shirt brightens up the ensemble. Love the printed pocket square! Pocket squares are so ‘in’ at the moment and always look stylish and gentlemanly. The black woven belt is classic and understated. The loafers are a most fitting choice of footwear, lovely tawny mocha/mustard leather (Diesel I am sure) and go beautifully with everything else. Owais’s salt and pepper funkily styled hair looks great and nerdy chic glasses are charming. An absolutely flawless ‘It’ look!

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