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Hello everyone! I have to say I am ecstatic! I have returned home to Europe for Christmas holidays and I am having a ball; despite a terrible cold I am having which I am ostentatiously ignoring. A million good things happen when you haven’t seen your family for a really long time because love is all around and everybody cares only about the important stuff.

So, in any other occasion that I would be looting my mum’s and sisters’ wardrobe I would be paying for it, now NOBODY cares! You can imagine what that means; my clothes have just tripled, I am excited with all the new stuff available and I am putting together new outfits.

This week I have been out A LOT, catching up with friends and family and I got to experiment with a couple of trends that I hadn’t had the chance before. The “Navajo” trend is very much out there as well as is the “winter florals” and pastel colours.

Navajo look

I really like the Navajo look but in Mumbai, it just sounds like a joke. Whatever I have seen in the shops materializing the trend is usually heavy sweaters and generally heavy clothes (I desperately want to comment on the topic of selling woollen knits and puffy jackets in Mumbai, maybe even Chennai, but now is not the right time).

I happened to have these Minetonka boots (Kate Moss hearts them too) and finding this handmade vest in my sister’s wardrobe gave me a brilliant idea and the fake fur jacket works surprisingly well with it. So I have put together a look that doesn’t scream the trend but gives a subtler hint. I feel the accessories play quite an important part for this look. I could have used my new feathered earrings as well.

Black denims: Mango, minetonka boots, cream colored top: my mum’s; handmade vest: my sister’s; fake fur coat: Zara; rings: my sister’s; necklace: Accessorize, earrings: H&M.
“Florals in spring; how innovative,” says Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. Well, lately florals are worn throughout the year. For Mumbai girls this might mean very little but I suppose not for Delhi lasses. So, being in a much colder climate I grabbed the chance to make my own version of the trend. I love the fact that I found two different floral patterns that together create a contradicting harmony and the candy colours. The necklace and the tights help in letting the outfit breathe (I HATE matchy-matchy outfits!). I used my green rose earrings and a cream coloured coat with a fur collar but my sister was in a hurry so no pics of these… sigh.


I hope you like them; I would love to see what you think of them or maybe see your own take on the trends. Take care everyone.

Dress: stradivarius; tights: Primark; cardigan: Topshop; necklace: Accessorize; sneakers: Converse

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