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Pappu Can’t Dance Sala Music Launch

Neha Dhupia and Vinay Pathak

I am so happy to see Neha in this dress! Literally, looking at this dress makes me happy. First of all, kudos for being brave to wear something that is not considered ‘classic’ at an event. I am so sick of seeing the same things over and over again she is like a breath of fresh air. The dress has a very nice vintage feel, loose and short, reminding me of the 60’s and 70’s. The colour is perfect with a very funky print and takes many years off her. One note though: I feel it could have been one size smaller. She has paired it with a brilliant pair of shoes (I want I want I want!!!!); but why such thick pair of tights? I think she should have gone with bare legs; it would have been so sexy. But if that didn’t work for her, a much thinner and more natural coloured pair would do. The hair is nicely pulled up in a ponytail. This hairdo is so appropriate for this dress! Without overdoing it with additional vintage elements it is a wink to that time’s fashion and style. The make-up is just right too, only there to show off her natural beauty and not to drag her down with heaviness. I cannot properly see the bag in the picture but I definitely like the Chanel-y strap. I don’t like the watch though. A thick colourful bangle would be ideal.

Purbi Joshi

…on the other hand has played it safe with an LBD (Little Black Dress for the male readers). But, damn, she looks hot! I love this dress too; lace is very in at the moment. It also has a vintage element in it; I smell Mad Men trend here… I am sure the men will love this look, it’s totally out there. It shows of Purbi’s good figure, it is feminine and elegant. I am not sure about the necklace/pendant thing… It is too big, and it doesn’t make sense in terms of styling. Her hair is really beautiful and she is doing good showing it off. It would be great to see some colour on her lips or bright coloured shoes (I can’t see what she is wearing at all). I think the minus of this look is the accessorising, it feels a bit random.

Rajat Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey

I like Rajat Kapoor’s casualness, but it definitely needs some teasing. I like the shirt and I am pretty sure that the odd button is very much part of the plan. I also like his seriously distressed jeans although I ‘d rather he had chosen a better fit. Maybe he should have used another shirt and not tuck it inside..? The more I look at him the more it feels like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: proper on the top half and casual on the bottom half. I like the shoes. They serve both personalities!

Vinay Pathak is impressive. He is also casual but very stylish. He is wearing an embroidered kurta (I cannot tell if is it chikan but it looks like it) which he has teamed up with faded grey jeans. I love the mix and match of Indian and western wear and Vinay has done this brilliantly. The vest blends everything together and although he has used different colours or shades in every item it is such a harmonious combination. The shoes are great, the glasses and the bag absolutely perfect. Really, the bag looks very cool, Vinay Pathak is one stylish man.

Ranvir Shorey has opted for a bit smarter look by choosing to wear a jacket and I really like it. He has also picked subtle colours that work harmoniously together – a light blue shirt, a sort of navy blue pair of jeans, a grey/brown jacket (I usually call this “mouse colour”) and black shoes. I don’t like the beard, he looks so much better when shaved, but hey, I hope he keeps it for continuity reasons. By leaving the shirt out he still retains the casualness but the jacket immediately upgrades the whole ensemble. Well done!

Arshad Warsi

This outfit could have worked with a few changes here and there. I like the shirt with the jeans winking at the all American look but I feel the vest doesn’t make sense at all, in terms of style or colour. The shoes would be the correct ones in another colour, like a dark tan. But what is most important is to lose the glasses… They attract too much attention – of the wrong kind… It should have been either a much quieter choice or no glasses at all and he should have given more focus on the shoes…

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