<Review by: Amit Divekar, a fashion designer and uber stylish guy with an eye for what’s right and what’s fright!>

Yawn… Although I can’t stand this over exposed, omnipresent and haggard so-called “King” of Bolly (rolling eyes), I’ll try to be fair here.

Shah Rukh Khan

I guess it’s an established fact that SRK’s offscreen charm lies mainly in his personality and flirty sense of humor and very little in his looks and physical appearance. The plus though is that he does have a taught and decently built body. A ‘standard male’ physique that fits A particular size, and he’s always fit, so he can carry off quite a diverse array of styles. His personal style is very casual comfortable and cool. Navy, dark blue, gray, black are the colors he is most seen in (BORING!).

Demonstrably here seen he’s in a grayish navy coloured full-sleeves collar tee and dark blue faded jeans. Very blah but looks alright on him. The jeans could have fit better, they sit a little too loose and a little too long on him. Certainly not an outfit to be worn by the biggest star of the country, but I suppose it’s become his signature style. I totally dig the black aviators, oh so trendy and classic at the same time (also oh so necessary to hide his puffy eyes and gaunt cheeks). The white canvas shoes brighten up the otherwise dull ensemble and the big steel Rolex/Tag/Omega is clichéd but always works.

The only reason I am okay with his ponytail is that it’s a welcome change in terms of his hair, which ALWAYS looks the same, even when he wears it very short or very long or styles it differently.

So, SRK’s look is neither an ‘It’ look nor a ‘missed it’ look. It falls somewhere in the gray (literally) area.


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