<Review by: Suniti Jham, a compulsive shopaholic and aspiring stylista, she’s going to help you to keep it fashionable>

Fashion is perceived differently by each one of us. To some, fashion is comfort, to others fashion is extravagance but to me it is a striking combination of both! I have this knack of shopping in a budget and while shopping with a budget it definitely keeps me alert and at the same time my ‘most needed’ wants come to the forefront. Sometimes that shopaholic streak takes over and the splurge doesn’t stop. This is exactly what happened to me at Svelte’s first exhibition. A 16-year-old girl recently launched her own fashion brand and on my way to that exhibition I thought to myself ‘What could a 16 year old possibly create?’

Pleasantly surprised, I glanced trough the collection and what really caught my eye wasn’t just the trendy and stylish clothes that I fell in love with but it was the prices too! Oh yes, the prices were reasonable. What girl wouldn’t drool over stylish still very ‘in the budget’ stuff?


Me (Left) and Svelte designer Gaurika Chabbria in her creations

The doll behind this brand is Gaurika Chabbria who is an aspiring stylist and has made a head start in her career very early on.

The exhibition wasn’t like the usual ones I’ve been too. It was buzzing.

Quick questions with young designer Gaurika Chabbria:

1. Didn’t you want to explore career options? Why a brand of your own at this age?

My mom, being a single parent has taught me to always stand on my own feet and this brand is a step towards that.

2. Why the name Svelte?
Svelte means sophistication and elegance. This word complements my brand style very well.

3.  What sort of women does Svelte cater to?
Svelte is a collection of funky and trendy items ranging from clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. But it’s all basically for teenagers.

4.The pricing is so reasonable; how did you manage to keep the collection stylish yet affordable?
It isn’t about the profits for me, it is about creating goodwill with my clients and making sure they get what they want. I will always strive to provide a fashionable range and keep them happy!

5.  What makes Svelte different?
Svelte is wearable and affordable with a fashionable touch to it.

I couldn’t write about the event but nonetheless I caught hold of her and fixed a date just to showcase her collection. All the clothes and bags are from Svelte’s recent collection, the dresses are perfect for a summery day out. The bags are bright with neon and pastel splash of colors, which again is a plus point to flaunt this season.

Here is a sneak peek of her recent collection, have a look:

Bags by Svelte

Pretty young ladies

Check out Svelte’s Facebook page here

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