<Review by: Amit Divekar, a fashion designer and uber stylish guy with an eye for what’s right and what’s fright!>

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena looks absolutely stunning nowadays! I have never been impressed by Kareena’s sense of style (or the complete lack of it!) in the past, but lately she’s completely metamorphosed into a style Diva. I am liking almost everything in this ensemble. Superbly styled hair. Gorgeous fresh make-up. Love the multi-coloured beaded, bejeweled tie up clogs/wedges! Her coral cranberry nail colour brightens up the look. The statement accessory: oversized Rolex, tres chic! Coming to the gown, I won’t say I like it but I won’t lump it either. The fabric is a lovely tie dyed silk satin. The colour I think is a total downer. It’s too dull and washed out. Luckily with Kareena’s complexion she can carry off any given colour. The silhouette is nice and flattering but the drape looks a little confused and sort of shabby at places. There’s too much cowling at the neckline and I am not too thrilled with the long slit in the hem… too cabaret-ish.

The open back looks great and adds the right amount of glamour. On the whole it all works very well together and makes her look fabulous. A sure ‘It’ look.

Sameera Reddy

Holy Catwoman! Sameera is wearing a cheap knock off of a dress worn by maybe a backup dancer from one of Lady Gaga’s Satan-inspired concerts. I understand one needs a little bit of an edge in ones ensemble, but honey… this is pushing it over the edge into dark Hispanic hooker land! As if leather, georgette, felt, studs, spikes and tie-up strings were not enough, the bra showing… even Lolita standing on sunset boulevard will scoff at that.

Honestly, I don’t hate the bottom half of the dress. It could almost be termed as sharp and sophisticated. The different textured insert bands and the pencil silhouette are great. The dress is made very well and fits her perfectly. But the top half (even though the spiked padded shoulders are very trendy) is downright tacky, putting it mildly! Her hair and make-up are charming. The gold clutch, the oversized watch and minimum jewelry are all quite proper. The black asymmetric peep-toes are also quite alright. But this black skeleton from hell outfit falls like a fallen angel and misses it! Sorry Sameera, please don’t perform any voodoo on me!

Purab Kohli

D-I-S-C-O… Shake your groove thing, Mithun is back from the 80s! But grungier (I kinda like). Holy glitter… May I please mention here that skin tight pants are in style but you can’t just wear them with anything! They can never EVER be part of a suit, the fabrics they can be made of are very limited. And most importantly darlings, you need to have a particular type of very lean tall body and the right kind of personality to carry them off! Phew… Ok, Purab’s jacket is well-fitted, the charcoal colour of the suit is also quite basic and nice. The Lycra tee inside with the disco psychedelic rainbow print looks like a cheap Hill Road, Bandra buy, and teaming it with a suit is a fatal mistake! Need I say more about the figure hugging shiny vulgar crotch pants!? The shoes are fine but don’t stand a chance below those drain pipes! Need to look away… I’ll just say he’s M-I-S-S-E-D I-T !

Chunky Pandey

Uh oh… Chunky Pandey is moonlighting as a hotel manager! Actually, the midnight blue colour of the suit is rather nice. And I also like the fit of the jacket. But a big full stop right there! Those trousers are unforgivable! The fit is loose and a total lose! The square pointed shoes are hideous, so beyond out of style, it’s shameful! The white shirt and tie are terribly corporate and make me yawn! His slicked back hair is kind of alright. But all in all this ensemble is frumpy and a horrible ‘missed it’ with a frown!

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