<Review by: Amit Divekar, a fashion designer and uber stylish guy with an eye for what’s right and what’s fright!>

Tru Trussardi Eyewear Event

Kangna Ranaut (click to enlarge)

She’s my fav! Mother fashion’s blue eyed girl. Kangana possesses the most original, individualistic, bold and creative sense of style. She is not afraid to experiment, whether it’s her hair, make-up, clothes or accessories. She dares to push the envelope and amazingly makes it look effortless. Fortunately she has the body, the face and most importantly the attitude to carry off whatever she chooses to wear with élan. But above all, I think the most striking thing about Kangna is her versatility. Like a chameleon she slips in and out of the most diverse of looks and manages to look like a completely different person with every look she wears. Of course, it all ends right there… Coz God forbid she opens her mouth to speak and you want to turn into Houdini and disappear in a flash!

But let’s not go there!

Here she’s gone for a very classic minimalistic look. The structured boat neck Zara tweed (almost) tea length dress with a little beaded sparkle fits her perfectly. A tres chic Louis Vuitton mini tote and adorable Louis Vuitton multiple bow pumps that add a youthful charm. All black n’ white and all fabulous! The only jewelry she’s worn is diamond solitaries and her Plum nail color is marvelous. Her fresh yet subtle make-up and pulled back hair with a puff is so vintage Hollywood. And of course the big Trussardi sunglasses amply provide that ‘star’ aura. Kangna exemplifies the It look!

Sahil Shroff

Turn up the air conditioning… hotness is here! Sahil Shroff is what one calls conventionally handsome! His sense of style borders on Metrosexual and he has a very cool, casual yet sharp and trendy aesthetic. With his chiseled features (esp. jawline and cleft), runway model height and superbly built body, he wears every look with intrepid ease. Love this whole ensemble in rather understated colors. The ash gray fitted jeans folded to the ankles are totally Spring/Summer 2012, the striped tee with a distressed print looks great, the classic yet spunky off white lace downs are glorious. The doc tag-ish chain adds a rough edge and his mid length curly hair is perfectly but not overly styled. The big Trussardi Aviators suit his broad face well. The only thing I would probably change about this look is the colour of the jacket. I am thrilled with the style and the fit of it, but maybe a darker color in tones of deep blue/slate or contrastingly a very sun faded whitish colour would have looked super. The beige of the jacket and the overall gray palate don’t quite go together. But on the whole it’s a winner look straight to the It slot.

Shweta Salve and Ranvijay

Holy Madonna! Why is Shweta dressed in her plus size aunt’s beachwear!? Did she get lost in Hawaii and wake up to find herself at this event? Wow… what is that fabric randomly wrapped around her… it has no shape, no fit, no style, are we supposed to call that a draped dress?! The royal blue color is lovely but gets totally side-lined by the oversized dowdiness of that dress. The hair is styled too flat and the make-up inconsequential. The red flower in her hair looks so forced and perhaps better suited in the hair of her house help and the chunky bangles are too predictable!

Now… let’s come to the footwear. I bet those wedges cum bohemian sort of kolhapuri cum tribal design (machine embroidery in this case) or whatever sandals were meant to make a statement. And I’ll admit I don’t entirely hate them, they’re colorful and interesting and vibrant. But they look kind of cheap… like she pulled over at Colaba causeway on her way and picked them up from the street. And honey, Tribal is so ‘last season’! Care to keep up?!

I don’t even like the sun glasses here… maybe they go with her ensemble, but since the ensemble is such a complete train wreck, it just takes them down with it. Hola Shweta… please get a proper stylist or migrate to Hawaii! ‘Missed it’ is an understatement.

LOL… This is an oops moment! Oh dear… Ranvijay’s come outdoors wearing long johns!

This is a really bad case of a fashion victim. Maybe these pyjama-long johns-night wear kind of bottoms did go down the runway this season (Vivienne Westwood’s hobo inspired collection was one of them if I am not mistaken), but one does not wear them in public. No no… bad manners! Go back to bed Ranvijay, clearly you’re not dressed yet. Having said that, I do like his hair. Very effortlessly yet well styled, nice and long. A good change from his always short spiked up wet look. Love the white toy watch. The tan combat boots are very ordinary but probably the only thing taking our attention away from the buttoned down low hanging fork line of those inappropriate pants. The cargo jacket is a nice neutral color and well fitted, but yawn.. done to death! The Trussardi Aviators look good and add an element of sheen to his grunge stubbly face. But NO… this embarrassing faux pas hits the rock bottom of my ‘missed it’ list.

Anushka Manchanda

Is it her or is it her jumpsuit? Can’t tell, but Anushka looks a bit like a vertical rectangular block with stick hands and a head! Her jumpsuit is way too loose and her slim belt is not cinching her in the right place, which should ideally be her waist. It’s settled itself at an odd spot in between her waist and hip and created a very blocky unflattering silhouette! The black n’ white snake print is quite basic and nice. The length of the jumpsuit is proper (which is crucial when one is wearing high heels with it).

I quite like her ‘French chic’ one side banged plat, although there needs to be an anti frizz or other such product in her hair to make it look slick and shiny as opposed to its current unkempt and shabby chic condition. The red peep-toes are great and add the required dash of colour to the ensemble. The sunglasses are a little too big for her face but interestingly their sweet heart shape is kind of resonant of her (natural/unnatural) pout. Minimum jewelry and natural make-up are suitable for a day event. There’s nothing special or outstanding about this look, neither an It nor a missed it, it’s just mediocre.

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