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I confess, alright? I have not watched the movie (The Dirty Picture) yet… There I said it. I have been having seriously crammed weeks and although I want to watch it desperately it hasn’t happened yet. BUT I got excited when I got Vidya Balan’s pictures at various promos and events for the film.

First of all, Vidya is looking hot. We live in an era where excess weight is somewhat of a taboo, especially for women in the entertainment business. Of course Vidya Balan has put on weight for the film but she was never a very slim woman. But at the end of the day, weight or no weight she is beautiful. All the clothes she is wearing are echoing Silk Smitha whether she is on stage or not. On stage she is going full on item number style outfit; not really my cup of tea. As I said though, it is a staged performance so this is a costume.

Vidya Balan

For the rest of her appearances she has chosen a blue denim pair of bell-bottom trousers straight out of the 70’s. It is a flattering and cute piece and the bell bottoms balance out her (ahem) full blouse. In the first occasion she chose to wear it with this absolutely adorable sheer blouse come shirt. The shade of pink is perfect for the jeans and for her skin tone. The light blue polka dot print not only is VERY fashionable but it makes the outfit complete. One can tell that her shirt is completely see-through so she is wearing a spaghetti top underneath in exactly the same colour. Who would want their bra to show in the photos…? Her shoes work rather harmoniously, a pair of lavender purple wedges, the ultimate 70’s shoe. Pink hoops, big colourful bangles and AMAZING sunglasses!! Can I please have them??? Pleaaaase??? Her hair is appropriately left open and the make-up is subtle but still making a statement with the rest of the look. Overall I love Vidya with all these vintage-looking gear. She rocks it.

Vidya Balan

For her second appearance she has chosen to go tie dye. Same jeans, same shoes though. I don’t really have a problem with the repetition; it is just that I‘d love to see her in a differently styled outfit. Now usually, I don’t like tie dye. But this one is sitting rather well for me. I love the bright colours on her, and the combination of pink and yellow is so striking nobody even looks bellow her thighs. The shirt is nice and loose everywhere but her chest. That weight gain works wonders for some bits sometimes! Also, the side cut prevents the shirt from looking conservative. Same pink hoops, different bangle and different sunglasses (I want these as well!!!!).

Vidya is looking beautiful in both appearances but I would really love to see her in a very different ensemble.

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