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John Abraham, Shazahn Padamsee, Jacqueline Fernandez and Zarine Khan

Yes John, you look hot. You always have and most probably you always will. When you reach the age of 80 you will be the hottest grandpa ever. But now I need to ask you for a favour: stop dressing like the hunk you are. It’s too obvious and boring. There, I said it: BORING. Is there something more predictable than a white long sleeve T-shirt that will show off that muscle with a pair of distressed denims? I don’t think so. I know you are all about comfort and cool casuals but for once impress me; wear something smart, slick or something offbeat. Unacceptable.


Shazahn Padamsee

Shazahn manages to look very pretty in a dress I am not so sure about. I love the colour (Indian skin tone + nude colours = love forever) and texture but I don’t like the cut below the waist and I find it predictable as a whole. Also, I’d rather if it was not shiny. What saves the whole thing is the accessories: the neckless, ring and clutch. They are funky enough, they add a bit of colour so it doesn’t get monotonous, and bring everything down to her age. I love her make-up. As for the hair, something that can look really stupid and dated on some women, looks fantastic on her.


Jacqueline Fernandez

Definitely the best looking lady of the lot. She is channelling the other Jacqueline (Kennedy) with a tunic and trousers that are fit for a first lady. The tunic is one of these smart items of clothing that gives the illusion of a tiny waist and they have been seen in various occasions recently (one that comes to mind is a dress worn by Kate Winslet on the red carpet).  The bag gives the look many points and complements the 60’s hair and make-up. Jackie has some Brigit Bardot and Sophia Loren in her and tons of old school glamour. 


Zarine Khan

Zarine is a very sweet looking girl. Lush hair, peachy complexion and not too much make-up are always winners. But if I were her, I would never pick that dress for myself. It is not a bad dress but it requires another kind of styling and definitely not this belt. In order for this dress to shine it needs some punk elements and splashes of colour; imagine hot pink heels, a messy updo and neon earrings. On the other hand she could have picked a bold coloured outfit. I think she could carry off the colour-blocking trend beautifully with something feminine and elegant. 



Akshay Kumar

Once a superstar, always a superstar. Akshay gets a 10/10 from me. He is sharp, confident but at ease at the same time. His hair, checked shirt and jeans are LA perfect. Teamed up with brown leather shoes and belt makes me think he just fell off from business class on the way to the States. He is one cool looking man. But maybe I am just partial.


Cast and crew

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