<Review by: Shourya, your resident music geek>

Like I’ve been relentlessly harping, 2012 is the year of comebacks y’all. Everybody with functional (and occasionally non functional) vocal chords have decided to jump on the comeback bandwagon – with new releases by everybody from Garbage, No Doubt, Pink, George Michael – even those abnormally mushy Backstreet Boys have reunited to unleash their usual brand of sugary sweet confections later this year! Something in the air I guess? And veteran Punk-Rockers Green Day have decided to take that comeback a step, well, 3 steps ahead. Get set for 3, yes THREE Green Day albums titled’ iUno!’,’ iDos!’ and’ iTre!’ all coming later this year! The first official single from ‘iUno!’ titled ‘Oh Love’ has been unveiled – and this one’s a fun track – quite different from anything they’ve done over the last 2 studio albums ’21st Century Breakdown’ (2009) and ‘American Idiot’ (2005).

‘Oh Love’ is reminiscent of their Diamond-certified 1994 classic ‘Dookie’, which is actually great cuz Power-Pop is something that they handle very well. I’m definitely feeling this one. ‘iUno!’ is scheduled for release on September 24th. With No Doubt releasing their first album in over 11 years ‘Push And Shove’ on September 25th, this is all just too much to take! It’s like the mid-90’s back again, when music was good and Rihanna and Lady Gargoyle were just abnormal sounding toddlers. Sigh. Check out the Rob Cavallo produced ‘Oh Love’ right here:


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