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John Abraham at Susy Matthew's In A Bubble Of Time book launch

John, I am applauding. It seems you took my advice. Look at you; hot property becoming even hotter. You look so much better in smart casual than just casual. I love the clean ‘just stepped out of my yacht’ look; the colour combination is so classic and classy. The white shirt has a texture; the strips of the fabric add a lot to it.


Author Susy Matthews and John


John Abraham

The navy blue cardigan fits nicely, and along with the leather slip-on shoes, a slightly distressed pair of denims complements them. These jeans look really nice on you (men: that’s how it is supposed to fit) and I love the belt that peeks through the open buttons: it looks like a great accessory and the small amount of yellow and brown is enough to break the colour pattern. Again, well done. 


John and his adoring fans

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