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SpongeBob and Karisma

SpongeBob and Karisma

In terms of personal style, I think Karisma Kapoor is the Jennifer Anniston of Bollywood.

Classic, classy and understated. Mostly seen in black. Superbly neat, perfectly kempt, every hair in its place. Always a clean and non fussy look. Me likey!


Karisma Kapoor at SpongeBob Square Pants Happy Meal

Testimony to the above, she’s seen here in a fabulously fitted pair of black pants. Black shiny leather pumps, and a very interesting tunic. I can’t say I love it, but it works. I do like the design and the silhouette. The black overlay is lovely, with the boat neck, three fourth puff sleeves and the tie up. The sort of 3D woven/embroidered fabric is also very chic. What I don’t get, is the white inlay with what looks like a colorful kitten print! Looks a little silly and odd I’d say. And quite unnecessary. Could have been plain white! Though she’s aptly matched the blue of the print with a vibrant cobalt blue Chanel classic quilted bag, which looks gorgeous and certainly makes a statement!


Karisma Kapoor with SpongeBob Happy Meal

The hair is styled simple, combed down and pinned back. The make-up is natural and subtle with a hint of kohl. All in all, it’s a nice posh look, but next time around Krishma, go easy on the kiddie stuff… I am sure SpongeBob is amused by the little kitten, I am not sure we are!

Yet it’s definitely an ‘It’ look.

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