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Anita Dongre at Lakme India Fashion Week

Anita Dongre at LFW

Anita Dongre’s collection for LFW was a mix of different styles and trends; the 50’s made their presence loud and clear, as did the maxi dresses, the cropped tops and the candy colours. All of the above are very much in sync with the trends across the world. But it is the execution that matters and in some places it hasn’t gone completely right.


Maxi Dress in Salmon

Maxi dress in salmon

TV Series Mad Men Type Dress

Mad Men Type Dress

The TV series Mad Men-type dress

The soft colours in some of the items are fantastic, like the maxi dress in two different versions, light green and salmon (above) and the yellow “Mad Men” dress (this trend is going to take a while to go) just to name a few.


Orange and Pink Full Skirts

The orange and pink full skirts (above) are definitely my favourite items of all and they look brilliant with cropped tops, bringing in a whiff of vacations at the Amalfi Coast with a young Brigitte Bardot roaming around.


Indian Style Maxi Dresses

Not flattering

What I am not fond of is the Indian style maxi dresses (above) as the (lack of) shape is not really flattering for anybody and the shiny details degrade the dresses rather than upgrade them.


Lack of Shape

Lack of shape

Ekta Kapoor Style Ones

In the same category fall the embellished ‘Ekta Kapoor’-style ones (above). Not a bad idea, but the choice of fabric doesn’t give you a nice result.


The Blouse Distracts from Saris

The blouse distracts from the saris

Saris Color Combinations

The saris (above) are offbeat but the colour combinations are not helping them and neither do the sequined blouses. I feel the blouses completely disturb what the saris are trying to communicate through their style.


Nice Embellished Top

Nice embellished top

Black and White Dress

Black and White Collection

Black and White Section

Black and White

Works for me

Black and White


Black and White Dress

Gingham top works

From the Black & White section of the collection, I find few items can only work: the gingham top, the two print dresses (despite being a bit dull for my liking) and the black embellished top.


Lakme Fashion Week

Anita Dongre Lakme Fashion Week

Overall, I appreciate a few details like the bare shoulders that peak through dresses, the embroidered cardigans and shirts, and the cut out backs on some tops but I think more thought should have been put into the fabric selection.

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