The Men In Black are back and this time they’re going all Star Trek on us. Time-space continuum and all that. The past has been maniacally altered and Tommy Lee Jones’s character K no longer lives in the new timeline Will Smith’s character J has been transported to. So now he must go back in the past to save K from death and take on a whole new bunch of badass aliens. Watch the trailer:

A new villain is in the mix, (the guy in the yellow bio-suit with his back to you), and time has gone berserk. Hmm… so are we going to see less of Tommy Lee Jones in the third installment? Josh Brolin who takes on the younger version of K does look and sound (I wonder if Tommy Lee has dubbed over Brolin’s voice?) like the original grouchy alien-police honcho. Anyway, time travel is always fun.


Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as J & K

New villain played by Jemaine Clement

Retro gadgets in the form of unibikes as well as some other cool gizmos feature in the trailer apart from the vast assortment of weird alien-human creatures.


The cool bikes...

Since it’s a ‘Back To The Future’ type theme I’m assuming J gets to meet some historical characters one of whom is Andy Warhol played by SNL’s Bill Hader.


Retro style sci-fi

An interesting storyline, some great actors, fun-looking CGI and lots of witty banter: J says, “How old are you?” and K says, “29” so J’s says incredulously, “You have some city miles on you!”


Will Smith and Josh Brolin as J & K

Apart from saving the world from the scum of the Universe the Men In Black will be battling an alien invasion. Sounds super cool.


Alien attack

Oh and Lady Gaga is rumoured to have a guest appearance in the film!

What did you think of the trailer? 

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