<Review by: Sailesh Ghelani>

When my  friend who does the PR for the historic and absolutely beautiful city of Bruges in Belgium mentioned chocolate lipstick invented by one of the world’s leading chocolate makers, Dominique Persoone, I just had to investigate further. Chocolate, after all, is one of the wonders of the world!

Okay, so this is Dominique:

He believes that chocolate is rock ‘n’ roll and he should considering he supplies to The Rolling Stones. They wanted something unique, so he thought, well what do rockers do apart from singing and sex. So he thought up an idea of snorting chocolate. And then he invented a machine called the ‘chocolate line’ to inject it into your nostrils. Just for them but everyone seemed to want one after that, go figure!

His obsession with chocolate has lead him to create a chocolate lipstick. It’s not really meant for cosmetic use. It’s kinda playful. Like he says, you should use it just before you’re about to dig into some vanilla ice cream. Layer your lips with it and then savour the vanilla cream. Or, alternatively and for those of you with a naughty mind, you could use it for chocolate kisses (no, not the Hershey’s kind). I mean I know I enjoy a piece of chocolate followed by a kiss that is oh-so-sensuously chocolaty and hot. 


There it is above in it’s packaging, chocolate made with love…

And that’s on the back of the pack, which says a lot about the creator. 

My stick of choc-o-lipstick was a bit icky considering the warmer climate here in India. After an exploration of the master chef’s website www.thechocolateline.be I discovered that his tastes are wildly eccentric with a ‘Bollywood’ chocolate that is white chocolate ganache flavored with saffron and a mild curry! “I’m really open minded and like to have fun…” he says. Indeed!

What sort of chocolate invention would tickle your fancy?

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