<Review by: Suniti Jham, a compulsive shopaholic and aspiring stylista, she’s going to help you to keep it fashionable>

Lipstick Shades
Recently, I visited the MAC make-up store in Bombay and I instantly went head over heels with MAC’s range, which consisted of a collection of bright eye-shadows and neon lip shades. Neon being very much in trend this season. This was something unique and being someone who doesn’t experiment much with make-up it made me think twice. I am a complete make-up hoarder but I barely end up using them so I said to myself, ‘Hey, why not?’.


So I did some make-up shopping and found my first perfect neon lipstick shade for this summer.

The Inspiration: Sonam Kapoor

I came across this picture of Sonam Kapoor. I absolutely love the way the orange lipstick is styled so beautifully with the subtle garment. It keeps her lips in focus and really brings out the neon trend without making it look too loud.

Here is the one of the best shades of orange that I finally found in my closet; the brand is Bonjour, Paris (below).


Orange shade by Bonjour


Remember that every skin colour has a particular shade of lipstick that can be worn with it. Always find a shade that complements your skin tone well to make it look effortless. Don’t blindly purchase a lip shade without trying it on. Make-up doesn’t have to look like it’s overly done or made up.

How to wear eye shadow with neon lipstick?
Make sure the colour you choose is very light and goes perfectly well with the colour of your skin. Since your lips are bright with the neon shade, you could either go in for a nude eye look or a smoky eye look. Both of them go perfectly with neon.

Blush On
A blush on is needed to add a hue of pinkish, peach or reddish colour to the cheeks. Many women apply a lot of it but this season keep it natural and simple.

Add a slight blush on to the cheekbones and make sure it looks like a part of your skin and not a separate colour from your cheeks altogether. The most fresh shade of blush on that I found was purchased from Revlon (below). It’s baby pink and just adds a teeny bit of color to the cheeks keeping it fresh.

Revlon Blush On

Small essentials
Add a summer zing to your outfit with a fresh fragrance and brightly toned nail polishes. These are small and fun ways to accessorise this neon trend. My recent buys have been this Tangerine nail colour and a cherry red colour (below). My all time favorite fragrance being Coco Chanel’s Mademoiselle.



Coco Chanel Mademoiselle

How are you keeping up with your makeup buys and experiments? I would love to know.

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