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Manglehorn is the story of a depressed old key cutter (Al Pacino) who continually mourns for a lost love until eventually a bank teller (Holly Hunter) tries to bring light to his life.

Watch the video of the press conference and our questions to the panel (23:00):


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My question is for Mr. Pacino and Holly Hunter. How can you detach yourself from characters that you play?

Al Pacino: When I was younger, I think I didn’t detach. Ya, they stayed with me. As I got older, I just naturally detached easier. I just let them go easier because I feel by letting them go, I can be revived when I go back that day and have more energy. So it becomes something to get into your head and your emotions, like you’re getting into a costume, you’re getting into that state.  And it’s sort of easier to do when you have been out of it to get back into it. You get in there with more alacrity.

Holly Hunter: Well, I kind of feel the same way. You know like I don’t want to stand on my mark for the place where I am doing the scene for too long. I kind of want to go away from there so that it’s got a newness to me. But when I do a play, it’s a little easier to not stay in character all the time but the character tends to have more of a wash because you’re doing the beginning and the middle of a story every night, over and over. I marinate in it a little more intensively.


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