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Men, Women and Children is a film based on a book about how technology has made people lose intimacy with one another and how questionable a frontier we are treading especially when put in the hands of youth who know the technology but don’t have the maturity to handle it. The film stars Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, Ansel Elgort, Kaitlyn Dever and Rosemarie DeWitt.


Watch the video of the press conference and our questions to the panel (at 8:15): 

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How do you relate to the generation of techno-youth in real life?

Adam Sandler: I have nephews. They know what’s going on. They kind of fill me in on what’s happening. Jason  (Jason Reitman, Director) certainly knows what’s going on. When we were doing scenes, he would come over to the computer and say you’ve got to hit this, this and this ‘cuz I was kind of clueless.

Rosemarie DeWitt (to Adam): It’s not like we’re 80.

Adam: I know. (Humorously) I’m still excited the playboy channel came out. That’s not on the computer but that’s good stuff. (More serious) I think there’s a lot of great stuff going on. It’s baffling how any question you have in the car when you’re driving with your family and suddenly somebody asks, ‘What year did such and such come out?’ And you hit a few buttons and you know it’s pretty awesome what the Internet can give you. It’s just the freaky stuff that’s out there. I am not even sure how to get to it but when I land on it, it is fun.

Jennifer Garner: For me, for example, I am known as the aunt that sends the best care packages to camp. And my only requirement is that I have to get a real letter. So I have just become the old school fogie aunty who will just bribe for actual connection.

Adam: That’s nice.


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