Yet another back-to-the-beginning superhero movie. I wonder if they’ll reboot the Batman franchise all over again after this year’s final installment, The Dark Knight Rises.

After Director Sam Raimi’s set of Tobey Maguire lead Spider-Man movies, which weren’t all that bad, we have director Marc Webb – curiously coincidental surname considering the subject matter –  and the people at Sony Pictures trying to reinvent your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man (don’t ever forget the dash between the two words!).

The Social Network’s young Andrew Garfield gets into the red and blue unitard and we are told that he goes on a journey of discovery about the disappearance of his parents. From the first trailer we get to see how Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man (Yawn!). We know it already. I wonder why instead of going forward with these franchises, exploring the many facets of the superhero and the myriad villains that the comic book universe is dense with, these guys want to keep going back to inception point.

Here’s the trailer of one of my childhood’s favourite superheroes; it’s suitably action packed and entertaining but will it be as iconic as Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight series?

Anyway, so back with Oscorp and an experiment gone wrong turning a family friend scientist (Rhys Ifans as Dr Curt Connors) into a… well The Lizard (thankfully not the Green Goblin again). Emma Stone plays Peter’s high school love interest Gwen Stacy (yes they’ve taken us to before MJ). Veterans Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Uncle and Aunt Parker add weight to the proceedings. Oh and India’s very own Irrfan Khan is in the film too!

The new trailer boasts ‘The Untold Story’ to entice you into believing that this version has something new to offer (Remember the cartoon’s theme music, “Spins a web/Any size”). We do hope so, considering this year will see Batman and The Avengers battling for superhero supremacy! On an aside, the new Superman film, Man Of Steel will be out next year. Impervious to bullets sure, but will he make it to a sequel? My Spidey sense is tingling…

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