<Review by: Suniti Jham, a compulsive shopaholic and aspiring stylista, she’s going to help you to keep it fashionable>



Lately, I’ve been having a fetish for jewellery and considering the fact that I am not a jewellery person, over time I’ve realised that sometimes an accessory is all one needs to adding another dimension to an outfit. The accessory could be simple or exclusive, either way it never fails to add something unique to an outfit.

That one accessory that I am obsessing over this season are chunky statement neck pieces. These could be chained, pearled or embellished.

After owning and wearing these gorgeous pieces it struck me that it is important to let the accessory speak for itself. Previously, I would always adjust the accessory according to my look and now it’s the other way around! Also, shopaholics are aware that the trend taking over the runways and fashion magazines is the collar piece trend. That I happen to love as well.


These collars are embellished so beautifully that one isn’t in any need of an accessory but I discovered a twist to this. Here, the accessory itself looks like a collar.

The jewellery in the images featured in this post are from Spyra, which is an accessory based brand that produces custom and imitation jewellery. Recently I had the privilege of assisting on a shoot for them and I found myself fawning over these gorgeous statement pieces. They’re from their newest collection. Beautiful!



> A metallic accessory complements a rugged look very well.
> Bright coloured accessories are best worn with subtle palettes, the sole purpose being the accessory should stand out.
> A choker accessory works well with stud earnings.
> Purchase staple colours of black, silver, bronze and gold. They’re classic and can be worn often.
> Wear one or more bracelets on one hand and pair it with a watch.
> Chunky statement pieces work well with a clean and structured look.


I believe that every girl should own an over-the-top accessory that adds an ‘oomph’ to the look and dolls her up instantly. These pieces are on my lust list and I am going to hurry and purchase one of them soon. Check out Spyra’s Facebook page here.

What is that one trend that you are lusting over this season?

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