Daniel Sennheiser and Sulaiman Merchant

<Event covered by: Sailesh Ghelani>

Most of us know Sennheiser to be the brand that makes good quality (and relatively expensive) headphones and in-ear phones so that our iPods sound better. But the company also makes high-end audio equipment for studios and DJs. These were on showcase at the PALM (pro audio lighting music) Expo 2012 held in Mumbai (May 31- June2, 2012) recently. This coincided with Sennheiser’s first anniversary and for the occasion their International President Daniel Sennheiser came down to Mumbai. He was joined by music composer/performer Sulaiman Merchant (Salim-Sulaiman) to unveil a commemorative book and talk about his experience using the brand.


Sennheiser at the PALM Expo


Here’s what Daniel Sennheiser had to say:

We have a heritage of advancing the science of sound, which we have been doing over the past 70 years. We base everything we do on the science of sound. It’s not enough to put a product out there, you need service as well and you need to customise your products to individual requirements. Today Sennheiser is a professional brand as well as a consumer brand.


Hardware from another exhibitor at the show

My grandfather started Sennheiser in 1945. He was a scientist but after the World War there was no more use for scientists so he had to do something else. He quickly understood that it was more than science, he learned about production. After he passed away two years ago, my brother and my sister and myself take care of the company. My father and my aunt are also a part of this family company. Together we want to manufacture the best products. For this we build our own tools to build our products because we have higher standards of manufacturing.


Other exhibitors at the Expo

It was a strategic choice to come to India and we’re here to stay. We’re not arrogant to say we know what perfect sound is. But we’re trying to give you the tools and support to create the perfect sound for your businesses. We do this with the music studios and the world’s best DJs, we do it with top stars.


Another audio/video exhibitor at PALM Expo

We will be having a Live Mixing Workshop here at the expo in the next few days. Now this is not just to showcase the product. We really want people to know how to use the product in the right way to advance their sound. It’s about the people who make the performance.

Watch what Sulaiman Merchant had to say about his experience with Sennheiser:


Sulaiman then unveiled a special book brought out by Sennheiser. A tribute to musicians across the world, commemorating 25 landmarks that have changed the music industry in the last 50 years. And 25 key innovations by Sennheiser during that time.

Sennheiser Book 25 landmarks that changed music

Sennheiser Book: Inside

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