<Review by: Miss K, Minority Review’s very own European fashionista in India >

As I am about to write my first comments on some pictures I remember that when I lived in London (where everything goes on it’s wonderful streets ) I often went out in track pants and I didn’t give a damn. So what makes me capable of criticising other people’s outfits? The only answer that comes in my head is: nothing really. So I am just going to say what I feel about these clothes, because we live in free country and one can wear whatever they want and other people can express their opinion about it without going to jail. I hope.

Dia Mirza

Oh Dia, oh dear… See. I am all up for simple dressed-down outfits when one feels like it. But I am not up for outfits that age you at least 10 years. Why dearest Dia?

The skirt is nice, it accentuates her curves although I am not sure about the zipper. Maybe because I had bought a faux leather cream coloured skirt with a zipper when I was 18. The skirt was knee length but the zipper only began 10 centimetres higher. My mum said it looked cheap. That got engraved in my head and since then a baffling question mark appears in my mind whenever I see a skirt with a zipper in the middle.

The top: quite simply, I don’t like it. I don’t like it on her. She is also wearing a white bra and it shows through it. Tsk tsk tsk. If it was a brighter shade of green it might have worked, but I would also like some more structure around the sleeves, which means it should have been a different fabric. Or simply no sleeves, which would have taken a few years off the outfit. All in all it does not flatter her figure. A pencil skirt and a top that is almost a pussy bow blouse can be a very sexy yet simple outfit that is better worn if you work in an office as some hot shot’s hot secretary. And she has done everything in her power to deglamourise and unsex it…

Shoes: No, no and again no. These shoes are better with an easy breezy dress, on holiday, sipping cocktails on a boat. If you cannot afford the holidays on a boat, keep the easy breezy dress/caftan/whatever. But NOT a pencil skirt. They are nice shoes but a pencil skirt is screaming for mary janes or court shoes. I like her make-up though, and her hair looks beautiful and healthy but she could have done something more adventurous with it. Like Brigitte Bardot kind of hair, 60’s sex kitten.

As for the poor gold bangle it is there lonely, feeling so disconnected from the world that surrounds it that we cannot help but sympathise with it. It looks as if Dia has chosen an outfit so randomly put together that even Suri Cruise (yes, Tom’s 5 year old daughter ) would have pulled her hair out in despair and boredom.

Sonam Kapoor

I LOVE her hairstyle although I would have loved it even more if it was not so perfectly executed. I would like a bit of the bed head factor, something to flick here and there, something to give it a bit of an edge. Just to make it sexier and to come in contrast with her very lady-like outfit. Plaits are all over these days girls – I am sure you have all noticed and Sonam was sure one to be informed too.

The colour of her dress is so nice on her skin tone that makes me jealous. The fabric is soft and feminine and it moves along with her. The length is perfect because if it were longer it would look too vintage and it might have aged her and most probably it would look like a costume. Along with the pleating and the pussy bow it is a wink towards three different decades: the 20’s, the 40’s and the 50’s. Something like a history lesson.

I like the shoes, they match with her belt as well and it is quite a harmonious combination but again I would have loved something edgier. I mean contrasting colours, odd choices, and unexpected shapes. Sometimes things work together when you least expect them to. Imagine turquoise shoes with this dress that would match her statement jewellery too. Her make-up is also nice but not very brave choices again. A bit of fire on her lips would have looked great, like an orangey-sunset kind of shade of lippy to give it a bit of an ‘English Patient’ feel. Overall, good but there is room for improvement for such a good student like Sonam.

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