<Review by: Amit Divekar, a fashion designer and uber stylish guy with an eye for what’s right and what’s fright!>

At the event launch

Akshay Kumar

Simple, classic, yet stylish. I like this solid black and white ensemble. Very Armani. The crisp white pin tucked tuxedo shirt is charming. The black pants are very well fitted (Hallelujah!) and the zippers on the waist band add an unexpected edge. To me without a belt an ensemble looks incomplete, but obviously with these trousers a belt would have been an unnecessary accessory. I absolutely love the Gucci black patent leather loafers, they make the whole look luminous and take it to its higher ground! I do wish Akki would have added a little bit of sparkle in the form of a silver watch or a neck chain or the likes. But all considered Akshay’s packed a punch and made this an ‘It’ look.

Amrita Rao

Bolly’s sweetheart Amrita Rao looks tres impressive! To begin with, I adore the hair; it’s chic and sophisticated. I like it when Indian girls don’t colour or streak their hair and leave it at its jet black best! It brings out their face. The make-up is natural and subtle. The basic boat neck black top inside with the beige casual tweed jacket over it is marvelous. I love the mini plaid lining peering through the cuffs! The reddish maroon, sort of terracotta fitted pants are fabulous! The length and the fit are both perfect. The simple black pumps totally work with the ensemble and the navy belt is lovely and resonates the rolled up cuffs. The black basket weave clutch is most fitting and as is, no more accessories are needed. This is an extremely well coordinated, properly balanced and non fussy top to toe ensemble. A treat for me really! Amrita, a straight ‘It’ with an ‘I heart’!    

Sonu Nigam

Oh dear! Hello bow legged chicken! Or it could be the engineered shape and fit of his jeans, but nevertheless Sonu looks awkward! And honey, you can’t have giant fold ups on your jeans unless you’re wearing sneakers or very casual footwear! And again, those ridiculous pointed toe, pathetically out of style shoes are so clown like, it’s actually hilarious! I am OK with the black shirt, jacket and belt, although the jacket looks too loose. I am lost for words when it comes to his hair, coz Sonu is notorious for experimenting a bit too much with his hair cuts and styles and NONE of those ‘experiments’ have ever worked! He always lands up looking like a freak head! I think he’s one of those people who do and wear whatever they fancy and are completely clueless about fashion or personal style! Phew… can’t bear looking at him anymore, he’s obviously Missed it!

Shirish Kunder

Ha! This guy never fails to crack me up! What’s been happening with his hair for years now, will someone please tell me!? It’s like he tries hard to look like a pretty girl… with those long, silky, straightened tresses sweeping across his face. Ok, if one MUST have long hair and it’s not going to be the ‘rock star’ grunge kind, either one has to have the face for it or at least one MUST keep a prominent stubble so that one doesn’t look effeminate! Now, let’s come to the clothes… Dull army green cargos: BLAH! The distressed print black tee looks like a budget buy from Lokhandwalla market. The checkered shirt left open is just about ordinary and just about unnecessary. And the tan shoes…. well they’re so washed out and boring, sorry I fell asleep before I commented on them! A perfect head to toe disaster Mr. Kunder, more like Mr. Kudn’t care! ‘Missed it’ and how…!

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