<Review by: Amit Divekar, a fashion designer and uber stylish guy with an eye for what’s right and what’s fright!>

Rohit Roy launches his film Shaukeen at Cafe Mangii, Versova. And the stars turn out!

Rohit Roy with wife Manasi

Ok… Ronit Roy (Rohit’s brother) was seen wearing the very same upholstery/magician like hideous red velvet jacket at an event a couple of months ago! Brothers sharing clothes is one thing but wearing them to public events… Dudes, that’s not done! In fact I think they’re wearing even the same waiter-like black polyester pants! Both the jacket and the pants fit Ronit very well though and I also quite like his shoes. But nooo… repeating the exact same ensemble, will ALWAYS miss it! Both brothers need to go shopping for new clothes urgently!

OMG! This is a train wreck! If you are a plus size gal like Manasi, you NEVER wear unflattering midi length drapie dresses like this one! I mean pleazzz… have some mercy on the eyes of us mere mortals! It’s a very nice black white and grey dress with vertical panels running down, but the fit and the length are so horrifically wrong, it’s not funny! The length of her dress has cut her body in half and made the top half look like The great wall of China propped up on two sticks! And that belt instead of cinching her and making her waist look slim, is making the blockiness more apparent and horizontal. I must admit here that her hair and makeup are awesome. Her necklace, basket weave clutch and black peep-toes are all excellently chic. But that dress fails so miserably that no amount of glamor or bling will save it! Gigantically missed it!

Rohit Roy with Sanjay Suri

Looking good Sanjay! I like the quite funky wet look hair. And of course a dazzling smile always makes everything better! The Chinese style charcoal Teri-wool Zara jacket looks awesome! And the frogs with the antique gold buttons on it are a fabulous feature. It’s a well-designed and well-fitted jacket. Worn with faded light blue jeans gives it a casual cool relaxed look. It’s straight forward, it’s tasteful and it’s a sure ‘It’ look. 

Aarti Chhabria

Classy and classic, ebony and ivory. I love this minimalistic ensemble. The white top with black edged flirty ruffles is absolutely endearing and fits her like a dream. The black pants are well cut and flattering. Very chic black peep-toe sling backs with a little diamante bling. Basic makeup, big gold hoops and perfectly styled hair. And of course an LV goes with any and every ensemble. It’s a winner look on pretty Aarti. An out n out ‘It’ from me.

Madhavan with wife Sarita

This is one spiffy couple. I dig Madhavan’s casual look. The dark tones of his ensemble fulfill the much needed task of covering him up appropriately, since obviously he’s put on a considerable amount of weight! The charcoal jersey jacket with bluish edges is fab. The bright blue toon/gamer tee inside add youthfulness to the look. The midnight blue jeans are apt and well fitted and ‘I super heart’ the fluorescent sole Yohji Yamamotos fringing his legs. The half goatee isn’t half bad either. He’s outdone himself and gone up to the ‘It’ spot!

Sarita: Great choice of dress, as apparently she too like hubby dear needs appropriate flaw hiding. The very Cavali leopard print is nice and camouflages her figure well, so does the semi fitted silhouette of her midi length dress. I hate the metal buckle on the overall kind of strap! Buckles are meant for belts and bags, and especially when juxtaposed with animal prints they tend towards tacky/slutty. Luckily it’s not very noticeable here. I like her rich dark brown hair color and its styled casual yet well set. The makeup is done in keeping with her skin tone. The chunky gold bangle adds the required sparkle. I really fancy the bitter chocolate brown knee high leather boots. They go extremely well with the dress and with the current trend. But again I hate the laces that they have at the back! Those take the look down tacky lane. So… apart from a couple of factors I might just give this an ‘It’ tag.

Poonam Dhillon

I sort of like Poonam’s overall look. It’s cool casual bright and quite age appropriate. But by the same token it has me baffled! Is that a dupatta draped on top of a white tunic or is it a stitched part of the tunic!? Guess we’ll never know. It looks strangely interesting but not necessarily good. The dark fitted jeans and white stilettos are nice. The royal blue purse is lovely and the turq n white chunky beads around her neck are quite charming and dress up the look. But everything from top to toe is too matched and too blue n white. And I must add here that, her blue ‘Little Mermaid-ish’ watch looks too childish and too forced! The hair is fine and the makeup natural and proper. This ensemble leans towards ‘It’ but is not quite there.

Mahima Choudhary

Love it! The simple black straight fitted tunic dress is superb! The length and the shirt style cut are perfect on her. The big pockets with buttons add a great design element. J’ adore the frilly cross sling peep-toes! They spruce up the look fabulously. Her long hair is well styled and the makeup is fresh with an amazing flesh colored lip liner and beautifully coal outlined eyes! Mahima’s gone for a nice clean no jewelry look. This ensemble is casual preppy chic and trendy. A super duper ‘It’ from me!

Aditya Pancholi

Wow! I had to look twice to make sure it really was yesteryear’s actor Aditya Pancholi! Must say he’s looking extremely sharp! Slim and tall and very well maintained. I LOVE his tres chic ensemble. His hair is short and very army-cool. The grey jeans are extremely well fitted. The length is perfect and the almost pointy toe walnut leather shoes are fabulous and break the monotone of the ensemble. The charcoal pin striped jacket worn on top of a simple grey tee is casual yet stylish and the checkered grey scarf draped around make it an out n out runway look. Aditya could easily be walking down the ramp of a Calvin Klien menswear show in NY. A complete and super ‘It’ look with a double thumbs up!

Mini Mathur

Marvelous! This is a great top to toe look. I rather like the shaded/tie dyed one shoulder draped mini dress. Peach, smokey grey, black n white make a super combo. The black waist band adds a sort of haute well put together touch. I do think though that the reverse drape on the skirt half is not very well finished. It starts out too plain white and also appears to be jutting out unpleasantly at places. I absolutely love the dead rose/ neutral sling back pumps and matching clutch. The hair is left loose to do its own thing and the makeup is natural and lovely! The clean no jewelry look is always nice and very ‘in’ at the moment. Mini’s mini is peachy enough to be an ‘It look!

Sharman Joshi

Nope! Not right at all. I do like the hair, its short and well cut. But that’s about all that’s good about this look. Sherman is top heavy and also not very tall. A bold colored, big checkered un-tucked shirt is the last thing on the planet he should be wearing! Obviously it makes his torso look bigger and blocky. And what is with those hideous giant white stitches on the dark blue jeans… Tack-o-rama! Also it’s all too simple and blah for a celebrity. He could easily blend into the staff of the cafe! All wrong Sherman, go back home and change, you’ve ‘missed it’!

Bappa Lahiri

Bravo! This is a well coordinated look. Although I would have preferred a black tee inside rather than a black shirt. The lovely burnt orange/ rusty colored jacket is excellent, the very Diesel torn faded distressed jeans r cool and trendy. The black combat boots are a perfect fit to finish the jeans. And of course the brown LV belt balances out the rust and black hues and looks Fab! Bon ensemble and an ‘It’ from me.

Ali Zafar with wife Ayesha Fazli

Here’s a couple that looks effortlessly stylish! Ali’s all black look is a classic, with just a little hint of white sheen on the Zara print tee, the white soles of his black leather sneakers and his silver watch. I love the black velvet chinos and I’ve always loved his very boyish mischievous asymmetric hair style, suits his face perfectly! Well done Ali.

Ayesha Fazli: Oh… this look is so today! Love that subtle grey printed empire waist tunic dress. It’s such an easy silhouette that looks good on any body type. The bell sleeves on it add a nice romantic touch. Black leggings, black suede almost UGGs and black sequined clutch, all awesomeness! The hair and makeup is all natural and nice. But the highlight (literally!) of her whole ensemble is the bright orange lip color, which adds a quirky charm and illuminates it. Totally haute and totally ‘It’!

Dipannita Sharma

An adorable one shoulder maxi dress! Needless to say a tall slender figure like hers can carry it off beautifully. I do like the mix of colors, the greys mustards black white etc but the print and especially the placement of the print looks a bit dodgy. It looks as if something went wrong and yet they went ahead and made the dress anyway… it gives a slightly untidy, cover up job feel. Other than that the hair is well styled, all neatly tucked with long curls cascading. The makeup is nice and natural. I love the oxidized chain bead bracelet and classic silver hoops. The white clutch is lovely and the black bejeweled strappy peep-toes are marvelous. Dipannita’s bang on the ‘It’ target.

Divya Dutta

I get this school girl meets chic girl look. It’s put together quite well. My only question is, ‘Isn’t it too teeny bopper for Divya’s age?!’ I am thinking ‘yes’! But hey… if she chooses this look and makes it work for herself, so be it. The classic white shirt and black zipper jacket are well designed and well fitted. The Scottish kilt mini skirt is very cute. The closed leather sling backs are perfect with the skirt. The makeup could have been toned down, it’s too glossy. And the daisy in her hair looks rather silly and unnecessary! I don’t like her hair do either, again it’s trying to be too cutesy baby doll-ish. All in all, I donno… I might just give Divya an ‘It’ for at least trying something different and pretty much pulling it off.

Manoj Bajpai

Certainly the high point of this ensemble is the steel grey distressed leather jacket. It’s really quite fabulous. An unusual, but smart choice of white tee and white jeans. They’ve prevented the look from becoming dull. The black Hermes belt is… well Hermes (need I say more)! I am not a big fan of his shoes. I do like the shape but they’re too formal for this all casual look. A nice pair of loafers or even black or grey leather sneakers would have been a much better fit. Also the hair is totally blah and in desperate need of a hair product! Manoj just about scrapes through to the ‘It’ side.

Prashant Chaudhri & Sophie Choudhary

Sophie looks stunning and her ensemble is flawless! The black silk loose boat neck top with the strawberry red pleated pants are tres chic. Very well fitted and flattering on her. The black slim belt and strapy peep-toes are super duper. I love the very French, side plat hair do! And of course the black leather clutch matches perfectly. The smoky eyes and pink lips go very well together. Can’t find a single fault! A straight ‘It’ look Sophie!

As opposed to Sophie’s look, there is many a fault in Prashant’s look. I hate the tan leather lace up shoes, completely mismatched. The jeans are a very dull blue and extremely ill fitted! The black tee is way too long and sitting rather oddly on his hips. And the black jacket is quite alright but does not fit him well at all! His hair though well cut, needs styling. This look seems like a bricolage, just thrown together in 2 minutes! Missed it by many a mile.

Sanjay Kapoor

This is a perfect basic casual chic no fuss look. And it works! The white shirt with the black band is well designed and worn well with rolled up sleeves. The faded comfort fit jeans are cool and the white Gucci sneakers are very hip-hop and youthful. I like the casual black and white belt but don’t care much for the barbed wire looking buckle! And you can’t go wrong with a silver and white Rolex! I totally approve of his goatee, it totally suits his face! Sanjay’s is a plain and simple but ‘It’ look.

Samir Soni with wife Neelam

Sameer looks good. It’s the safest black shirt and denim ensemble. The black textured jacket fits well and the black LV loafers add the required amount of brand value to the look. His hair is styled ok and the black leather belt is alright. The only item I have a problem with is his jeans. They don’t fit him properly. Too tight on top and too loose at the bottom. Also a dark blue denim as opposed to this faded medium blue would have looked much better. But overall, he’s got it together, enough to be in the ‘It’ category.

Quite a sharply turned out couple this is. Neelam’s semi fitted jersey and drawstring cowl neck halter dress spells casual chic. The contrasting fire engine red peep-toes are outstanding and so is the over sized silver watch. I don’t like her clutch though! Just a plain red one would have looked so much better. The British flag in gold and red looks kinda tacky! Her hair’s styled simply, with an adorable poof in th front and makeup fresh and natural. Certainly an ‘It’ look.

Maria Goretti

It’s a top to toe boho look. It’s very ‘her’ very stylish and I quite dig it. A basic white shirt with a lil bit of sparkle, distressed blue jeans, a lovely khaki crochet shawl with long tassels, all very hippy cool. Maria’s got that straight hair with a slight wave to it, the kind that doesn’t need too much styling and the makeup is fresh n natural with a nice coal lining her eyes. Oh… and I love love her colorful vintage cowboy boots! The big dull gold tote is a perfect full stop to the perfect ensemble. It’s a super boho chic ‘It’ look.

Gul Panag

She reminds me of “The girl with the dragon tatoo”. Very goth, very dark, very chains and leather, but it’s a completewellcoordinated look. l think the dark eye makeup and wind blown hair looks quite amazing. And of course everything else is totally biker chick. The tight faded jeans, black leather zipper jacket and matching side buckle boots, all looking great! And I love that she’s dressed the look up with a vibrant printed scarf, colorful watch and a tawny leather purse. Well ridden Gul, right into the ‘It’ garage! Wrrooom…

Gulshan Grover

Oh dear! Ok, everyone… I MUST mention here categorically, that it’s a HUGE faux pas to wear matching denim jacket and jeans! Just what Gulshan has done. It’s totally old school and totally frumpy! What’s making this look worse, is that he’s worn the jacket and jeans like formal garments! They look so ironed and steamed, I can almost see a crease on the jeans! The high neck tee inside so out of style and the shoes, so mismatched and blah! He looks great for his age and the hair and the goatee etc are all fine. I am sure he’s young at heart so he’s trying to be young at attire, but it certainly isn’t working and he’s majorly ‘missing it’!

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